Online trainings and tutorials for EJBCA Enterprise

PrimeKey provides free online training to everyone. Find the topic you're interested below and simply register to take an online training or watch a video tutorial to boost your EJBCA skills already today. 


Online trainings

Online training for EJBCA Enterprise

PrimeKey provides free online training to everyone. Just register below for access to our online EJBCA training. Built on open standards, an open source platform, and a large installed base all around the world, EJBCA Enterprise brings the maturity, transparency and commitment required for any security-focused PKI solution.

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Workshop on EJBCA DevSecOps with Ansible 

This workshop demonstrates the rationale behind leveraging automation to set up PKI environments. We will share insights from Siemens, a PrimeKey customer, that leverage Ansible for their PKI deployment. Through hands-on demonstrations and exercises, you will learn how to use the sample Ansible EJBCA playbook, automate EJBCA configurations and deploy them using Ansible. 

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Video tutorials

Set up free trial version of EJBCA on AWS

This video tutorial walks you through the steps of setting up a free trial version of EJBCA on AWS and demonstrates how to subscribe and get started in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. 

View video tutorial: Set up EJBCA on AWS 

Create Ansible AWS Instance for EJBCA

This video tutorial describes how to create an Ansible AWS instance to be used with EJBCA, allowing you to automatically create EJBCA CAs within your environment.

View video tutorial: Create Ansible AWS instance for EJBCA 

Peer connectors

This PrimeKey Documentation online tutorial walks you through the steps of setting up peer connectors and OCSP using EJBCA Enterprise. The tutorial covers:

  1. Replacing the VA or RA Server Certificate
  2. Setting up Peer Connectors
  3. Setting up an OCSP Signer

View video tutorial: Peer connectors 

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