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Training Product Sheet

PrimeKey Open Training

There are four PrimeKey Open Trainings scheduled this year in Sweden and in the US. These trainings combine the EJBCA Enterprise, the SignServer Enterprise and the PKI Appliance in one 3-day training course. There are four open trainings in the US and Sweden during 2020. These trainings are available for PrimeKey’s partners and Enterprise customers.

Trainings fill up quickly, so we encourage you to take the time to sign up early.

To learn more about PrimeKey Open Training and register your interest:

PrimeKey Open Training


Online Training

EJBCA Cloud Online Training

In this training, we walk you through PrimeKey’s EJBCA Cloud Edition.
PrimeKey’s EJBCA starts with just a few clicks, being a fully customized instance, tailored to your environment.  Choose from several instance sizes, in many available regions so you get the perfect PKI solution for your organization.

To get an introduction to EJBCA Cloud Edition, sign up for our complimentary online training course here:
EJBCA Cloud Training

Tutorial on Peer Connectors

This online tutorial walks you through the steps of setting up peer connectors and OCSP using EJBCA Enterprise, including:

  1. Replacing the VA or RA Server Certificate
  2. Setting up Peer Connectors
  3. Setting up an OCSP Signer

Customer Training

In addition to the PrimeKey Open Trainings, all of our installation projects include training activities and we can also do customized trainings upon request.

With our trainings, you will be set to handle your security solution. Each training that we conduct is tailored to real-life scenarios and facilitates the different steps of a PKI or signature project, and may later on prove crucial to your progress and ability to succeed in challenging circumstances. As participants learn basic and advanced features about the products and improve their PKI managing skills, they will learn:

  • Software evaluation and how to get the most out of any PKI project.
  • How to build and deploy your PKI timely and with minimal risk.
  • To minimize unplanned downtime.

PrimeKey’s state-of-the-art trainings are suitable for advanced users, such as technicians, engineers, developers, specialists, PKI administrators  and system architects. Regardless of prior level of knowledge in PKI, any member of your PKI crew can benefit greatly from our training courses.

Our trainings are delivered by our most competent professional service engineers who have been involved in numerous PKI and Digital Signature installation projects.

In order to know that you are properly trained, PrimeKey or a certified training partner, issues certification diplomas to each individual who has completed a training. The certification states which training that has been completed and when the training took place. This can make you feel secure in knowing that you have the internal resources and capabilities needed to run an advanced security solution.

EJBCA Enterprise Training

A typical EJBCA Enterprise Training combines lectures and hands-on case study exercises. The training always starts with an introduction to PKI, which can be adapted to the knowledge level at your specific organization. We will then move further into a PKI project, the EJBCA Enterprise product, and provide you with practical real-world experience, including everything from handling HSM’s, creating CA’s, key recovery, TLS certificates etc.

SignServer Enterprise Training

Typically, the SignServer Enterprise training course runs for one day. Just like with the EJBCA Enterprise training, each training course starts with an introduction to PKI. In the SignServer Enterprise training, however, you will also gain insight into Digital Signatures. All of which is adapted to your knowledge level. The rest of the day will focus on how to install and manage SignServer Enterprise. Through a mix of lectures and hands-on training, you’ll learn about signing concepts, validations, integration with third party systems, etc.

Product trainings in PKI and digital signature projects and customized trainings

Training is always included in every PKI and Digital Signature customer project. The PrimeKey product trainings for projects have been developed and are executed in a way that will enable you with the relevant skills to run your security solution confidently, regardless of your previous experience with PKI products.

Of course, if you have specific requirements for the training, we will try to customise a training course for your needs.

We strive to deliver the highest standard

We want to improve and continuously develop our trainings. After each completed training, the participants fill out an evaluation form where they score the training. This includes everything from training material and its relevance to their work, to the trainer engagement and if they would recommend the training to others. The data that we get is immediately fed into our update process for the next training and we believe that this is one of the reasons why we can proudly say that the average score in these evaluations is 4.8 out of 5.

EJBCA Enterprise Training – 3 days

  • PKI Introduction
  • Appliance overview, Webconf, Smart card operations, backup and Cluster operations (Appliance training course)
  • EJBCA installation (EJBCA training course)
  • EJBCA concepts and overview
  • Using HSM’s with EJBCA
  • Creating CA’s
  • Creating certificate and end entity profiles
  • Creating TLS certificates
  • Revoking and renewing certificates
  • Creating different administration roles
  • Creating two person authorisation rules
  • Using key recovery
  • Integration of third party systems with EJBCA
  • Setup of a validation authority and external registration authority servers
  • Creating different types of publishers e.g. LDAP publisher
  • Creating different types of services e.g. Auto renewal of CA
  • Using the command line interface to administrate SignServer
  • Maintenance operations and best practices

SignServer Enterprise Training – 1 Day

  • PKI and Digital signature Introduction
  • SignServer Installation
  • Using HSM’s with SignServer
  • SignServer signing concepts
  • SignServer Overview
  • Creating different administration roles
  • Creating and signing with different types of signers
  • Creating different types of workers e.g. Status reports
  • Validation of digital signatures
  • EPassport and EiD implementation
  • Integration of third party systems with SignServer
  • Using the command line interface to administrate SignServer
  • Maintenance operations and best practices
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We are very satisfied with the training course and it has met our needs, says Allen Liang, Feitian Technologies Ltd.

Allen Liang, Feitian Technologies Ltd