PrimeKey trademark and logo policy

We are very proud of our brands, trademarks, products, logos and slogans and it is essential that our brand assets are used correctly. To assist you when working with our material, please follow the guidelines set out in this Trademark and Logo Usage Policy. 


Registered Marks

In order to protect our products and product names, PrimeKey has registered our most important trademarks, PrimeKey®,  EJBCA® and our PrimeKey logo, the PrimeKey “P”, in a number of countries. In the document Listing of PrimeKey Solutions AB Trademarks, PrimeKey’s registered marks and pending applications are presented.

Trademark Legend

PrimeKey’s products and services are used throughout the world. Use the text: “PrimeKey and EJBCA are trademarks of PrimeKey Solutions AB.” where it is reasonably expected and intended to provide notice. For example, this text can go at the end of a document, on the back of a package or on a webpage.

The trademark legend may be printed in small print. However, it must be large enough to be legible.


This section guides you in how to use our trademarks and product names correctly.

  1. It is important to use the ® symbols correctly. In running text, our trademarks should be used the first time they are mentioned. After that, you may leave the ® out.
  2. When referring to the licensed version EJBCA, not the community version, EJBCA should be followed by Enterprise at least the first time that it is mentioned in a running text. The same applies to SignServer Enterprise.
  3. Never edit or change trademarks e.g. PrimeKey or EJBCA, i.e., it is not allowed to write “The Ejbca’s properties…” or “several Ejbcas”.

See examples below:

  • First time mentioned in a text, use: PrimeKey® (After that, use PrimeKey)
  • First time mentioned in a text, use: PrimeKey EJBCA® Enterprise (After that, use PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise or EJBCA Enterprise or EJBCA)
  • First time mentioned in a text, use: PrimeKey® SignServer Enterprise (After that, use PrimeKey SignServer Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise or SignServer)

Other PrimeKey products follow the same  principle:

  • First time mentioned in a text, use: PrimeKey® PKI Appliance (After that, use PrimeKeyPKI Appliance or just PKI Appliance)
  • PrimeKey® SignServer Appliance and then SignServer Appliance
  • PrimeKey® EJBCA® Cloud and then PrimeKey EJBCA Cloud
  • PrimeKey® SignServer Cloud and then PrimeKey SignServer Cloud
  • PrimeKey® SEE and then PrimeKey SEE
  • PrimeKey® NPKD and then PrimeKey NPKD

PrimeKey Logos

PrimeKey logotype

The logotype comes in two alternatives – one with black type and one with white type. The one with black type should be used in most circumstances and preferably on a white background. The minimum space surrounding the logotype is at least the height of the “P” in the wordmark. 

PrimeKey symbol

The symbol’s appearance with rectangles originated in prime numbers and creates a visually clean and strong monogramme – the P. The relationship between the rectangles’ heights originate from the first prime numbers, 2, 3, 5, 7.  


Product logotypes 

The product logotypes stand on two lines  the first line uses Roboto Medium and the second line uses Roboto Light. The height of the right square group creates the height of the wordmarks. 


Unauthorized use of PrimeKey registered IP 

Any third party’s use of intellectual property rights owned by PrimeKey Solutions AB must be authorized by PrimeKey.

  • Authorized use of PrimeKey IP should be approved in writing by PrimeKey Solutions AB.
  • When an authorized third party uses intellectual property rights owned by PrimeKey Solutions AB, the use must be correct and PrimeKey should be informed. The third party must always refer to PrimeKey in their use, as a quality marker and to show PrimeKey’s ownership of the rights. See the Trademark Legend section in this policy.
  • Any unauthorized use of intellectual property rights owned by PrimeKey Solutions AB will be considered an infringement and legal actions will be taken against the user.


The information contained in this Trademark and Logo Use Policy is not intended to serve as legal advice.

Listing of PrimeKey trademarks