PrimeKey Tech Days 2020

September 16

PrimeKey Tech Days Online 2020

Date: September 16
Place: Online
Social media: #PKTechDays

PrimeKey Tech Days is your opportunity to keep up with widespread changes in cryptography, PKI, and related IT-security topics. This is a unique hardcore tech event that brings together PKI and security leaders from all over the world. The event will be online and PrimeKey will film live from a studio in Stockholm, Sweden. There will be presentations from experts at leading global companies and demos from practitioners showing PKI in action.

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The topics are very high level and I really like the networking.

-Alexander Eßer, Bank-Verlag Product Manager, Security & Trust Services


PrimeKey Tech Days 2020

Online, available and really techy – join us on the 16th of September!

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PrimeKey Tech Days will start at 10 AM CEST on September 16th with our moderators, Admir Abdurahmanovic and Tomas Gustavsson, live in Stockholm, Sweden. All times listed below are CEST. Because attendees are located all over the world, each presentation will be available on the platform after broadcasted and can be viewed later.

16 September 2020

Please note that this is a live broadcast and that times specified below may vary slightly due to that. 

10:00 PrimeKey founders, Admir Abdurahmanovic and Tomas Gustavsson, welcome you to the first online edition of PrimeKey Tech Days.
10:05 Magnus Svenningson, PrimeKey CEO, will kick things off and introduce the day’s key topics.
10:10 Tomas Gustavsson, PrimeKey CTO – Hardcore PKI
10:31 Muralidharan Palanisamy, AppViewX, Chief Solution Officer – Future – Agile Crypto / Agile PKI
11:09 Amanda Brock, OpenUK – OpenSource is all around us, but how is it commercialised?
11:38 Clemens Wanko, TüV Austria and Kalev Pihl, SK ID Solutions – Artificial Intelligence based user identification in the eIDAS world
12:04 Mike Kushner, Product Owner – Tech Brief EJBCA
12:11 Markus Kilås, Product Owner – Tech Brief SignServer
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Sini Ruohomaa, Ericsson – Structured crypto to keep society running
13:54 Martin Rauch, Siemens – Identity Authority Manager – Experiences from the pilot projects
14:25 David Hook, Crypto Workshop – Hardcore Crypto
14:45 Roman Cinkais, 3Key and Jack Piekarski, Esysco – eIDAS compliant Remote Signing Service
15:19 “Fika” pause / coffee break
15:30 Jerome Bordier, SealWeb – Trust services – new compliance approach
15:58 Ted Shorter, KeyFactor, CTO – The Connected Car: PKI’s Role in Securing Next-Generation Vehicles
16:25 Martin Oczko, VP Products – PrimeKey Product Portfolio
16:34 Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA – EU Cybersecurity Act
17:00 Summary of the day and closing by Admir Abdurahmanovic and Tomas Gustavsson

14-18 September 2020

The event portal will be open all week, so you will have plenty of opportunities to participate in workshops and network.

There will be three technical workshops on selected topics this year. These are 30 – 40 minute in-depth views delivered by key experts in each field. The workshops are not part of the agenda on the 16th, but are available to you all week, so have a look at them whenever suits you best.

We know that you enjoy the networking part of the regular PrimeKey Tech Days and that it’s a rare chance to meet others and discuss topics close to your heart, so there are opportunities on the event platform for you to do just that from your own home. All of us at PrimeKey are looking forward to meeting you and hope to have many rewarding discussions about PKI and IT Security at large, so reach out to us if you have any questions. We will be happy to help!

Attend PrimeKey Tech Days to listen to distinguished speakers from leading international companies and organizations. We are excited to continue to plan the 6th edition of the event that gives experts in PKI, Crypto, Open Source, eIDAS, Digital Signing and other areas of IT security an opportunity to connect and share knowledge on widespread changes and more.



AI-based user identification in the eIDAS world

Kalev Pihl Kalev Pihl, CEO at SK ID Solutions, Tallinn, Estonia

Clemens WankoClemens Wanko, Head of Trust Infrastructure / eIDAS Accredited CAB, TUV TRUST IT, Germany

A reliable user Identification is crucial for Qualified Trust Service under eIDAS. That typically involved human interaction in the past. Now, for the first time, an AI based approach with no human involvement has been certified under eIDAS. We are going to present that new identification process and the hurdles taken to achieve eIDAS conformity and a corresponding certification.

Trust Services – new compliance approach

Jerome at SEALWEB Jerome Bordier, SEALWeb Associate Director,

An Associate Director at SEALWeb and ProCompliant, Jerome is an ISS and electronic trust expert and auditor of several certified French Trust Service Providers. He is an LSTI Certification Committee Member and called on as expert member at ETSI and ENISA. Jerome has more than 15 years of experience with defining and implementing security projects architectures.

eIDAS compliant Remote Signing Service

Cinkas RomanRoman Cinkas, CEO 3Key Company

Jack PiekarskiJack Piekarski, Esysco

Under eIDAS, an electronic signature is considered to be advanced if it has met several requirements, including:

  • It uniquely identifies and links to its signatory
  • The private key used to create the electronic signature is under the sole control of the signatory
  • If the data is tampered with after the message has been signed, the signature must identify that this has
  • Invalidating the signature in the event its accompanying data has changed

PrimeKey® SignServer was designed to provide a central and API centric signature and sealing services. The key element to enable SignServer for the eIDAS domain is strong authentication of the user to invoke the signature process and retaining sole control of their signing key. Learn more about compliant remote signing at PrimeKey Tech Days 2020.

EU Cybersecurity Act

Slawomir GorniakSlawomir Gorniak, Expert in Security Tools and Architecture, ENISA

The EU Cybersecurity Act, which entered into force last year, starts reaching its maturity. The EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has assumed its new tasks and is reorienting its internal structure accordingly. The EU framework for cybersecurity certification is now implemented, following the creation of all advisory groups and launch of the elaboration of the first draft candidate certification schemes.

Future (Agile Crypto / Agile PKI)

Slawomir GorniakMuralidharan Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer, AppViewX

Business agility has been a common organizational goal since the turn of the millennium – practices like agile methodologies, accelerated DevOps, and digital transformation are all, in one way or another, geared towards achieving that overarching goal. This presentation will look into the strategic goal of digitally enabling an agile business model while remembering that an organization’s security architecture must be engineered to scale along with the rest of the business, and is expected to be just as agile as the processes it secures. However, cryptography – which forms the cornerstone of security in the digital era – has historically been a slow, antiquated practice, with tasks as simple as replacing a digital certificate on a server taking an hour to execute and test. The principle of enterprise crypto-agility is designed to eliminate that particular weak link, and thus empower cryptography to be on the same footing as other IT processes. The looming threat of quantum computing has brought this subject to the forefront of the security space in modern times.

Identity Authority Manager – Experiences from the pilot projects

MartinMartin Rauch, Senior Consultant, Siemens

More and more Siemens devices are provided with Manufacturer Device Certificates or so-called IDevIDs. For the enrollment of the Manufacturer Device Certificates, a (local) Registration Authority in the production environment is needed. The challenges are the different operational environments, production processes and the capabilities of the devices. This requires a very flexible solution, deployed at the production line, easily adaptable to the requirements of the production and offering the highest security. Together with Siemens, PrimeKey started a project for the development of such a new product. This presentation reports on the experiences from Siemens factories during piloting.

OpenSource is all around us, but how is it commercialised?

Amanda Brock , OpenUKAmanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK

Amanda was a member of the Open Stack Drafting Committee during its set up in 2012. She is a regular international keynote speaker, panel member and author covering open source, collaboration and legal issues, in particular open for good and commercial models of open source. Amanda is an Executive Editor and co-Founder of the Journal of Open Law Technology and Society (formerly IFOSSLR), a Fellow of the Open Forum Academy.


Structured crypto to keep society running

Sini Ruohomaa, EricssonSini Ruohomaa, Senior Specialist, Ericsson

Cryptography spreads across our society like SARS-CoV-2, and will stick around like the seasonal flu. How to live with it and avoid broken- off handshakes and acute system malfunction syndrome? This presentation looks at using cryptography in the context of critical infrastructure, contrasting the stereotypical viewpoint of crypto as it appears in World Wide Web transport layer security. This is a second wave of a series on improving security through clarified structure*. The presentation targets people interested in cryptography for different demanding application areas, and aims to soften the bumps that lurk on the second half of the proverbial hype curve – may they all be flattened.

*) See also: Securing Crypto Deployments in the Wild, PK Tech Days ’18.

The Connected Car: PKI’s Role in Securing Next-Generation Vehicles

Ted ShorterTed Shorter, Chief Technology Officer, Keyfactor

From a security standpoint, early editions of connected vehicles had a rough start. Securing automobiles is hard – perhaps harder than just about any other device. This presentation will outline the unique security challenges that engineers face when securing automobiles, address the role that digital certificates and PKI play in securing them – and how the same principles can improve security for other connected products where high assurance and scalability are a must.

… More speakers will be revealed soon!

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