Tech Days 2018

18 – 19 September

PrimeKey Tech Days

This is an event that is needed on the calendar for parties interested in, or working with crypto.

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PKI, Crypto, IoT, Cloud, Open Source etc. Networking with some of the best in the business from around the world. Social evening activity in Stockholm. Of course you should join PrimeKey Tech Days 2018!

Date: 18 – 19 of September
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Ticket fee: 380 Euro + VAT.
Last day to register: 7th of September

Social media: #PKTechDays

Agenda PrimeKey Tech Days 2018

Agenda PrimeKey Tech Days 2018

Join PrimeKey Tech Days 2018

Date: 18 – 19 of September
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Ticket fee: 380 Euro + VAT.

Registration closed on the 7th of September.

PrimeKey Tech Days agenda

Agenda PrimeKey Tech Days 2018

Agenda PrimeKey Tech Days 2018


Securing Crypto Deployments in the Wild

Sini Ruohomaa,
Systems Architect, Trusted Computing


Certificate Transparency 

Ryan Hurst,
Product Manager, Public Trust Services


The Sunset, FIPS, and The Future

David Hook, Co-founder
Legion of the Bouncy Castle


From eIDAS to Post Quantum Cryptography

– Challenges for Hardware Security Modules

Dieter Bong, Head of Product Management


Siemens Digital Signature Service

Alexander Winnen, Senior Security Consultant

Crypto Agility with post quantum cryptography

Tomislav Nad, Chief Security Architect & Cryptographer
Infosec Global



eIDAS, NIS and GDPR: How much PKi is inside?

Arno Fiedler, Owner
Nimbus Technologieberatung GmbH


The Technology of Happiness

Scott Rea, Senior Vice President Public Key Infrastructure


Chronicle of a journey to EJBCA

Fabien Hochstrasser, ICT Operational Engineer


New models of trust for IoT

Simon Keates, Business Development Manager, EMEA

…and more!


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Admir Abdurahmanovic, VP Business Development, sums up PrimeKey Tech Days 2017

Central and historical location

PrimeKey PKI Tech Days will be held at Berns – a Stockholm landmark since 1863. Berns is one of the oldest entertainment culture establishments and most prestigious hotel in Stockholm. Since its doors opened in 1863, Stockholmers consider it their very own living room.

Berns Salonger, venue for PrimeKey Tech Days 2018.
(Photo: Berns Salonger)


Näckströmsgatan 8, SE-111 47, Stockholm

Read more about Berns here.

Where to stay

PrimeKey Tech Days will be set in central Stockholm, with many good alternatives for hotels nearby. Why not arrive a little earlier and enjoy the historical city of Stockholm over the weekend? With the central location of PrimeKey Tech Days, you can quick and easy travel to the event, no matter where in Stockholm you choose to stay.

Our recommendation: Berns Hotel

Located in a central city alley, Berns Hotel is a premium boutique hotel full of modern design. At the same time it is part of the legendary house of Berns dating back to 1863. Maybe it’s the secret entrance that has made guests such as Rihanna, Bill Gates, Noomi Rapace and Dalai Lama pass through our doors. Or maybe it’s the majestic breakfast hall with crystal chandeliers and mirrors. Either way, we look forward to offering you the excellent service we are known for.

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