PrimeKey Tech Days 2020

15 – 16 September

PrimeKey Tech Days

Why attend PrimeKey Tech Days?

PrimeKey Tech Days is a great chance to learn about what’s new in the field, get inspiration and network with some of the best PKI, Crypto and IT-Security specialists from around the globe. This is a hard-core tech event, so you’ll meet Engineers, PKI Experts, Solution Architects, Developers, and many more skilled IT-Security Professionals from all types of companies and organizations.

The agenda on Tuesday includes an evening boat tour of scenic Stockholm, followed by dinner at Fotografiska with a spectacular view of the Stockholm seaside. Attending PrimeKey Tech Days is a great opportunity to expand your network, not only with PrimeKey, but with IT-Security professionals from all over the globe.

This is an event that is needed on the calendar for parties interested in, or working with crypto.

-Evaluation from past PrimeKey Tech Days attendee



Date: September 15-16
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Social media: #PKTechDays

PrimeKey Tech Days 2020

Date: September 15-16
Place: Stockholm, Sweden

PrimeKey Tech Days is our two-day tech event featuring speakers in PKI, Crypto, Open Source, eIDAS, Digital Signing and many other interesting IT-Security topics.

Join us and listen to distinguished speakers from leading international companies and organizations.

Ticket cost: 380 Euro + VAT

A registration link will be added closer to the event.

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Attend PrimeKey Tech Days to listen to distinguished speakers from leading international companies and organizations.

In 2019, we had speakers from Acumen, Crypto Workshop / Bouncy Castle, Bank-Verlag, Ericsson, HARICA, Infineon Technologies, ISARA, Nimbus, NTT, PKI Specialists, and Unbound Tech.


Ryan ThomasRyan Thomas

In May 2019, FIPS 140-3 got approved and is effective from September 2019. This is major news for HSM manufactures and users alike, given that FIPS 140 is a de-facto standard worldwide. The “dash three” is now referencing ISO standards 19790:2012 and 24759:2017. Ryan Thomas, a Laboratory Manager at Acumen Security, has overseen many FIPS get certified products during his career. Ryan will update us on what is new for “dash-three”, how to prepare for transition from the good-old “dash two”, and also put it in the international perspective. Well worth for anyone responsible for planning of new, or operations of an existing PKI systems.




Alexander Eßer

Alexander Esser

Alexander, Product Manager, Security & Trust Services at Bank-Verlag in Germany, will guide us through Bank-Verlag’s journey to become an eIDAS compliant TSP, the challenges encountered in the process and how the decision to face those challenges by utilizing a PKI in a Box, eased Bank-Verlag’s way towards compliance.





Crypto Workshop / Bouncy Castle

David Hook

David Hook

Post quantum cryptography is a current topic in some industries, but not in others (yet). In particular devices with very long life times can benefit from being prepared for crypto agility, and ability to transition to quantum resistant cryptographic algorithms.

David Hook, who implements many of the proposed algorithms, is here to give us tips and tricks to help us avoid a post quantum “apocalypse”.





Robert Khello and Juha Sääskilahti 

Juha Saaskilahti

Robert IT Security Expert

Security is a critical component of telecom systems, and naturally PKI plays a crucial part in this. Ericsson is one of the most trusted names for building robust and secure telecom infrastructures. Robert and Juha will give us insight into PKI security in the telecom domain.







Dimitris Zacharopoulos

David Hook

The CA Browser forum defines the requirement for so-called “Publicly trusted CAs”. Those are CAs that are trusted in web browsers by default, for example Mozilla, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft. As such, the forum is critically important for the security of the Internet. Dimitris Zacharopoulos, from the Hellenic Academic and Research Institution in Greece is the chairman of CAB Forum and will tell us what is going on in this PKI experts’ group, things that affect us all.





Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Everyone has heard about Post Quantum Cryptography. ISARA is a leading company in Post Quantum Cryptography, collaborating with Microsoft, DigiCert, HSM vendors and of course PrimeKey. In this presentation, we will learn about the latest updates in the standardization, including Second PQC Standardization Conference, that will take place a few weeks before PrimeKey TechDays. This is of relevance to anyone needing a strategic outlook on how PKI technology will evolve in the upcoming years.




Arno Fiedler

Arno Fiedler

Arno Fiedler will present “Cyber Physical Identities: Who is the stepfather of the digital twin?” Returning to PrimeKey Tech Days as one of the most appreciated speakers, Arno is a longtime member of ETSI and is an expert in the European security standards. Note that several countries outside the European Union are looking at adopting the same or a similar approach to eIDAS and/or the Cybersecurity Act. We are eager to hear how to put digital twin in the context of governing standards and regulations, as well as to see what is possibly missing.



NTT and Infineon

Liam Blundell & Nicholas Croudace 


Liam Blundell

Liam Blundell from NTT and Nicholas Croudace from Infineon will show PKI in action when it comes to issuing certificates for a Multicopter equipped with Secure Elements, thus giving strong identity to these aircrafts. In this real-world use case, Nicholas will focus on IoT /drone security from the Infineon chipmaker technology perspective while Liam will share the managed PKI perspective. This presentation will show how managed PKI services provided by a global company looks and what they offer your customers.



PKI Solutions

Mark B. Cooper

Mark B. Cooper is President & Founder of PKI Solutions, and he is a leading PKI cybersecurity expert, sought-after speaker, author of several books and trainer. Also known as “The PKI Guy”, Mark will deliver a presentation about a new standard called SHAKEN/STIR (Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information using ToKENs and Secure Telephony Identity Revisited). The aim with this standard is to combat robocalls and caller ID spoofing. PKI is the backbone of SHAKEN/STIR, using digital certificates to ensure the calling number of a telephone call has not been spoofed. Quite an interesting and hot topic!


Unbound Tech

Oz Mishli

One of the Axioms of PKI is “Hardware Security Modules are a must for any serious PKI deployment”. Unbound Tech is one of the companies that challenge this thinking, or at least makes us understand this axiom in a new way. For today’s and tomorrow’s distributed systems, with a number of truly trusted points that may change over time and circumstances, the traditional HSMs are cumbersome to say the least. Unbound Tech is innovative, and their approach is based on some really cool mathematics; in the field of cryptography, it is called “Multi-party computing”.



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Central and historical location

PrimeKey Tech Days will be held at Berns – a Stockholm landmark since 1863. Berns is one of the oldest entertainment culture establishments and most prestigious hotels in Stockholm. Since its doors opened in 1863, Stockholmers consider it their very own living room.

Berns Salonger, venue for PrimeKey Tech Days 2018.
(Photo: Berns Salonger)


Näckströmsgatan 8, SE-111 47, Stockholm

Read more about Berns

Where to stay

PrimeKey Tech Days will be set in central Stockholm, with many good alternatives for hotels nearby. Why not arrive a little earlier and enjoy the historical city of Stockholm over the weekend? With the central location of PrimeKey Tech Days, you can quickly and easily travel to the event, no matter where in Stockholm you choose to stay.

Our recommendation:

Berns Hotel

Located in a central city alley, Berns Hotel is a premium boutique hotel full of modern design. At the same time it is part of the legendary house of Berns dating back to 1863. Maybe it’s the secret entrance that has made guests such as Rihanna, Bill Gates, Noomi Rapace and Dalai Lama pass through our doors. Or maybe it’s the majestic breakfast hall with crystal chandeliers and mirrors. Staying at the same venue where PrimeKey Tech Days will take place, will ensure you’re as close as possible to the action.

Reserve your room on the Berns Hotel Website.

Other nearby hotel recommendations:

Radisson Collection, Strand Hotel, Stockholm
Address: 9 Nybrokajen, Stockholm, 103 27, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 506 640 00
Radisson Collection Website

Hotel Diplomat
Strandvagen 7c, Stockholm, 114 56, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 459 68 00
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Story Hotel (Riddargatan)
Address: Riddargatan 6, Stockholm, 114 35, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 545 039 40
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Hotel Kungsträdgården – The Kings Garden Hotel
Address: Kocksgränd 1, Stockholm, 111 53, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 440 66 50
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Scandic Klara
Address: Slöjdgatan 7, Stockholm, 111 57, Sweden
Phone: +46 8 517 266 00
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