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for PrimeKey® PKI Solutions

Our PrimeKey Support team helps you retain a high level of security by keeping all PrimeKey products upgraded and working smoothly.  

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PKI support and maintenance

By subscribing to PrimeKey support and maintenance, you gain access to a team of experts ready to help you with your PKI implementation and administration. 

PrimeKey developers are passionate about maintaining the high quality of EJBCA and SignServer through continuous updates and upgrades. Each new release contains improvements and upgrades to the functionality, improving the software and keeping it up to date with current regulations. 

Save time and energy by letting PrimeKey take care of the details for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our support and maintenance offer.

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PrimeKey documentation

Visit PrimeKey Documentation to learn more about the installation and administration of EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, EJBCA appliances and all other PrimeKey products. We offer free tutorials and guides to everyone who uses our security software and hardware products.

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PrimeKey support options

We offer two levels of support that you can choose from. Choose "Premium" or "Standard" depending on your needs. Please see the chart below to see what is included with each support level. 

Type of service



Support times (Swedish local time or PST)

9am-5pm Mon-Fri *


Response times

Next business day

4 hours



Remote or in place **

Product expert advisory and help

Deployment and maintenance

Access to technical documentation

Issue tracker

Feature request


* Non-holidays only
** In place assistance is available on PrimeKey’s decision and surcharge


Cryptography support for your applications

If you need cryptography support for your applications, you can leverage our Bouncy Castle support subscription. Bouncy Castle is one of the most widely used FIPS-certified open source cryptographic APIs for Java and C#.

Bouncy Castle Support



A PrimeKey support subscription can help you in three main ways:

Keeping your security up to date

IT Security is a moving target, so it is crucial to keep your solution up to date. When you have a support subscription, software upgrades are taken care of by our team of experts

Get support – straight from the source

Do you need expert support? PrimeKey support agents are well known for being quick, reliable, and happy to help. 

Q&A sessions with our Product Owners

Partners and customers are invited to join regular complimentary Product Briefings throughout the year. The latest features are presented during this one-hour webinar and questions are answered directly by PrimeKey Product Owners.

PKI and digital signing software and hardware support 

PrimeKey offers exceptional support for PKI and digital signing solutions deployed in the cloud, on-site, or as a hybrid. Our experienced support team can help you with both software and hardware support questions.

See the chart below to see the what is included with our software and hardware support subscriptions.

Support service

Software support

Hardware appliance support

What do I get?


Software and Hardware

Software downloads, incl. patches

Enterprise level

Enterprise level

Online documentation

Support portal access

Number of incidents



Security and critical patch notifications

Hotfix and emergency patches

Firmware updates, incl. patches


Installation, basic advice during

Installation, complete (additional charges)

Raise support case via web and e-mail

Raise support case via phone (8×5 or 24×7)

Guaranteed response time

Professional services (additional charges)

Hardware maintenance and replacement


Service Level Agreements

Learn more about what we offer with our support subscription: 

Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) 



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