Apply secure timestamps on code or documents

A timestamp proves that a contract, invoice, tax declaration, receipt or software was signed at a certain date and time. A Timestamp authority (TSA) typically provides two types of services, proof of time of a signature and long-term validity. 

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Timestamping solution


Sign code and documents

Secure timestamps can be applied in digital signing of code and documents, to ensure the date and time of signing. 

Long-term validity

A long-term validity (LTV) signature helps preserve documents to enable validation of the signature also in the future.

Trust service provider

Trust service providers (TSPs) can offer RFC3161-compliant timestamping as a service to other organizations.

What are the challenges in choosing a timestamping service?

Security and trust

Find a proven and audit-friendly solution. As a trust service provider you have to ensure that you can deliver a secure and trusted timestamping function over time. 

Multiple use cases

Use a flexible timestamping solution that supports multiple use cases.

Ensure compliance

Find a timestamping solution that is compliant today and tomorrow, for example with the eIDAS regulation including monitoring of time source.

Benefits of PrimeKey's timestamping solution 

To generate digitally signed timestamps, SignServer Enterprise can be used to implement a Time Stamp Authority (TSA) service. Offering support for most common formats as well as monitoring of time synchronization according to ETSI, SignServer Enterprise is compliant with the strictest regulations. 

Centralized timestamping solution

Manage all your timestamping needs from a single location with the SignServer platform, to reduce maintenance, lower your costs and avoid keys being lost or stolen. One instance can host multiple tenants with secure logical separation.

Security by design

PrimeKey recommends using an HSM for the best possible protection of the timestamping keys, and most HSMs on the market are supported. Auditing and transaction logging is provided and highly configurable. Several secure authentication options are available, for example certificate-based or OAuth. 

Many supported formats

SignServer can be used as a time stamping authority (TSA) to generate digitally signed timestamps and includes monitoring of time synchronization, offering both RFC 3161 and MS Authenticode timestamps.

On-premises or cloud

Deploy timestamping as it suits your needs - either as an easy-to-use turn-key software or hardware appliance, or as a cloud solution.

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