Securing IoT and IIoT devices

With billions of connected devices, a wide variety of IoT and IIoT applications, and as cybersecurity threats increase, it is more important than ever that devices can be trusted and that the communication can be secured.

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Using PKI to secure IoT and IIoT

With trusted digital identities implemented as PKI certificates, IoT and IIoT communication can be secured and devices can be protected from manipulation, throughout their lifecycle.



Providing devices with PKI certificates from the factory ensures secure communication and trust - already from the vendor.


When the device is deployed in an IoT or IIoT application, the vendor certificate can ensure trusted issuance of an operating certificate.


Managing the certificates throughout the lifecycle of the device ensures continuous support for remote management, secure software updates and trusted data.

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What are the cybersecurity challenges?

There is no question that the impact of IoT and Industry 4.0 is transforming industries, businesses and ultimately, our lives. But as the physical objects around us become connected, they also become susceptible to a variety of cybersecurity threats. 

Protect IoT and IIoT devices - over time

Guarantee that each device has a unique and traceable identity, that can be managed throughout the lifecycle.

Protect communication and data

Safeguard sensitive data, whether it is stored on the device, being transferred over the internet or stored centrally.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Enable auditing and stay compliant with any applicable regulations, such as IEC 62443.

Benefits of PrimeKey's IoT and IIoT solutions

When developing security solutions for IoT and IIoT, PKI and digital signing are fundamental for security and compliance. It enables secure communication between parties and provides trusted identities that are necessary for authentication, integrity and confidentiality.

Proven and reliable PKI

PKI and digital signing software are already providing organizations around the world with the ability to implement security solutions for IoT or IIoT in the healthcare industry, smart factories, secure supply chains and more. 

Secure and compliant

With our PKI and digital signing solutions, we create trust and implement security in devices and sys­tems required by current standards, such as IEC 62443. PrimeKey’s products are also Common Criteria- and FIPS-certified. 


PrimeKey’s security solutions for IoT and industrial IoT are reliable and scale indefinitely. You can start small and grow your solution to handle billions of certificates for your devices. For more information, see our documentation on Using EJBCA as a large-scale enterprise PKI. With proven integrations into application ecosystems, including IoT and DevOps tools, via support for multiple protocols and formats, our security solutions deliver on your requirements for automation and zero-touch management. 

Flexible deployment for your needs

Organizations have unique business challenges, including security requirements, budgets and available internal resources. Therefore, we let you choose from - or combine - our software or hardware appliance, public cloud or SaaS deployments for your PKI and signing solution. This means the infrastructure can be deployed in an optimal way to secure your IoT or IIoT devices and can grow flexibly over time. PrimeKey also provides industry-specific solutions such as an Industrial RA for secure and cost-effective issuance of device identities on the manufacturing floor and a FIPS-certified server for secure storage of software and data in untrusted environments. 

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