Signing documents digitally

Avoid hassle and save time with secure electronic signing of PDF documents, XML and more with PrimeKey's SignServer. 

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Document signing solution

Cover all your document signing use cases with PrimeKey's digital signing solution. 



Legally binding electronic signatures on agreements and contracts for business-to-consumer applications. 


Electronic seals serve as evidence that an electronic document was issued by a specific legal entity, suitable in business-to-business applications. 

eIDAS signatures

Support for advanced and qualified electronic signatures and seals, in compliance with the eIDAS regulation. 

What are the challenges when implementing a document signing solution?

Enable smooth management

Find a solution that helps automate document signing and integrate it into business applications - for smooth management. 

Scale with your use cases

Find a flexible and cost-effective signing platform that can scale with new use cases and ways of deployment.


Ensure compliance

Find a reliable partner with a secure document signing platform, that ensures compliance to regulations and legal frameworks, for example the eIDAS advanced electronic signatures and seals.

Benefits of PrimeKey's document signing solution

PrimeKey's digital signing platform, SignServer Enterprise, adds server-generated digital signatures to any received document, such as a PDF or XML document. It is ideal for organizationally authenticated documents such as receipts, invoices and regulatory documents - and supports long-term archival. The solution can be integrated with your document management system via standard interfaces and your identity and access management system via OAuth 2.0. 

Flexibility and scalability

The SignServer document signing engine provides a flexible and future-proof solution with broad use case support. In one central server installation, you can host many use cases and organizational units. SignServer lets you scale up or down in a cost-efficient way. 

Various document types and formats

PrimeKey SignServer supports eIDAS advanced signatures and seals, as well as document signing formats such as PDF (ISO 32000), PAdES/XAdES-B, -T, -LT, - LTA, XMLdSig, CMS/PKCS#7, and Plain (PKCS#1). See all supported formats in the documentation.


A server-side, certificate-based signature solution allows you as an organization or service provider to centralize, harmonize and take control of all your signature needs. The possibilities to integrate authentication and authorization, as well as extensive audit and logging, make SignServer a reliable option to implement your signature service. PrimeKey always recommends using a hardware security module (HSM) for all private key operations and offers support for HSMs from several vendors. 

Complete signing platform

The scalable and multitenant signing platform includes timestamping and integrates with EJBCA Enterprise for seamless signature key and certificate lifecycle management. It supports various deployment options, including a hardware appliance with an integrated FIPS 140-2 level 3-certified HSM, software appliance, and AWS and Azure cloud. The centralized signing platform enables you to align your signing processes. 

Products for document signing

SignServer Enterprise

Server-side, PKI-based, multipurpose digital signature solution

SignServer Cloud

Multipurpose digital signature solution on AWS and Azure cloud

SignServer Hardware Appliance

Turn-key digital signature hardware and software solution with integrated HSM

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