eIDAS compliance and electronic signatures

The aim of eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is to spur digital growth within the EU. By creating standards for electronic signatures, advanced electronic signature, qualified digital certificates, electronic seals, timestamps and other proof for authentication mechanisms, eIDAS enable electronic transactions with the same legal standing as transactions performed on paper.

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eIDAS (Q)TSP solution

As one of the world’s leading companies for PKI and signing solutions, PrimeKey is committed to continuing to drive the adoption of digital signatures across Europe. PrimeKey has numerous eIDAS and ETSI Webtrust audited customer installations and so far we have appreciated working with 35+ eIDAS (Q)TSPs. 


Certificate Authority

For electronic certificate issuance, registration and validation services, PrimeKey delivers all the core capabilities of an eIDAS-compliant Trust Service Provider (TSP).

Electronic signing 

PrimeKey's SignServer is a high-performance, eIDAS-compliant electronic signing and electronic signing seal engine.

Timestamping service

Flexible and eIDAS-compliant timestamping to implement a Time Stamp Authority (TSA) on-premises or as a service with PrimeKey’s SignServer. 

To become an eIDAS trust service provider - what are the challenges?

Finding the required building blocks

Delivering on the eIDAS vision requires a community of different actors, including trust service providers and technology providers, working together to support the eIDAS requirements.

Flexibility and performance over time

Being able to grow from services that start small but develop into larger implementations, with millions of users in high-availability environments without compromising security. 

The trust imperative 

To provide a solid service and ensure compliance over time, it is absolutely necessary with an audit-friendly solution. 

Benefits of PrimeKey's eIDAS (Q)TSP solutions

PrimeKey’s PKI and electronic signing solutions go a long way in reducing the complexity of becoming an eIDAS-compliant TSP, also with sustained auditability and trust over time. The eIDAS-relevant core features of the PrimeKey eIDAS solutions are: 

Security and eIDAS compliance 

We understand the legal requirements and implement the technical standards in our solutions, as they are specified in the eIDAS regulation so that our customers can realize their (Q)TSP services in the most optimal way. EJBCA is Common Criteria-certified and we strive to make sure that our products are audit friendly. 

Flexible deployment options

You can choose to combine a software appliance, hardware appliance, cloud deployment and specialized eIDAS edition for your eIDAS PKI and electronic signing solution. The products support a broad set of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) having necessary FIPS or Common Criteria certifications. This means the infrastructure can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business needs. 

Start small and grow with your use cases 

The PrimeKey products are designed for scalability and reliability. Solutions scale indefinitely by adding additional instances and best-practice high availability configurations are available.

Open source platform and a large customer base

With products and services built on open standards and an open source platform, PrimeKey has supported many eIDAS (Q)TSPs and enabled numerous eIDAS and ETSI Webtrust-audited customer installations. 

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Products for eIDAS (Q)TSPs

Since organizations have unique business challenges, including security requirements, compliance, budgets and the availability of internal resources, we give you the choice to combine software, hardware appliance and cloud deployments for your PKI solution. This means the infrastructure can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business needs and grow flexibly and expand over time. Read more about our PKI and digital signing solutions: 

EJBCA® Enterprise

EJBCA Enterprise eIDAS edition comes as a software or hardware appliance, with support for Common Criteria PP5-certified HSMs. 

SignServer Enterprise

SignServer Enterprise includes eIDAS timestamping and advanced electronic signature and seal support. Qualified electronic signature support is offered together with partner solutions. 

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