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Qualified Trust Service Provider

Trust and security are built into the core of ZetesConfidens’ DNA and business. Being a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) as defined by the European eIDAS regulation, ZetesConfidens guide customers through PKI-based electronic administration processes, providing them with the assurance of who they are dealing with and enabling them to establish legally binding digital documentation. For ZetesConfidens, PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise is part of the foundation, enabling ZetesConfidens to deliver their services in alignment with the company’s DNA; trust and security.

As a division of Zetes, a European company with more than 20 offices in 16 European Union (EU) countries, ZetesConfidens takes care of the processes, technological developments, integrations and implementations behind e-signatures across the EU. Although the eIDAS regulation seeks cross border interoperability to enable interaction at EU level, each country has its own specifics, like language or national ID schemes. For ZetesConfidens this translates to a need for a PKI solution flexible and interoperable enough to accommodate different needs and use-cases across the EU – while always operating in line with the requirements of the eIDAS regulation. In addition, ZetesConfidens takes on responsibility for lifecycle management for the certificates and solutions for many years to come, contributing to the need for a trusted, flexible and reliable long-term partner. For ZetesConfidens, that partner is PrimeKey.

Bart Symons, Director of ZetesConfidens Trust Services, says

“What really differentiates PrimeKey is their people and approach – when we share feature requests, we really see results.”

With PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise providing issuance of Qualified certificates, ZetesConfidens can take care of each step in the e-signing process, from registration and vetting of the signatory to provisioning of qualified certificates for both signatures and seals as well as the actual signature or sealing operation. ZetesConfidens hosts every step under one roof and guarantees a secure and standards compliant signature process, attracting customers from different sectors including government, banking, financial services and insuring.

Bart Symons sees great opportunities ahead.

"We ensure a seamless electronic interaction between citizens, businesses and public authorities, making transactions and access to services convenient and safe – partly based on PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise. When you’re dealing with PKI services it is always about reliability, and we rely on PrimeKey. I am confident PrimeKey will be there over time, providing us with support when needed."

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