April 21, 2021

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Why I’m Excited for Keyfactor and PrimeKey Coming Together


The Internet-connected society is already upon us. This past year or so, we were all forced to meet digitally even more than we used to or wanted to. But the change started earlier, and it has only accelerated now. For instance, an Ericsson mobility report observes that data traffic is increasing by 10% a quarter. That may be a low estimate, but nevertheless this change makes cybersecurity an important topic for all organizations. Today, all enterprises must be able to process digital information while assuring integrity over the whole value chain. Encryption and signing are two fundamental and closely related technologies that have been used for many years, but now they must also be consumed by less tech savvy organizations.

Match of the like-minded, with shared determination

With the merger between Keyfactor and PrimeKey, two entrepreneurial organizations come together under one roof. From the PrimeKey legacy perspective, we wanted to assure having partners that share our vision and our passion. Any merger must also make business sense and with Keyfactor, I think that we have nailed the superb match of capabilities:

  • First and foremost, it allows for a more complete and attractive offering to our customers; the products already integrate well, so the customers will only see benefits here.
  • Second, being under a single roof allows us to have a stronger focus on bringing the technology forward. As a vendor, we constantly must respond to customer needs, while also assuring that we keep track of advances in cryptography, thus keeping our customers secure today as well as tomorrow.
  • Third, this merger allows us to even better penetrate existing markets as well as develop new ones. No big magic here – this is a natural progression of corporate growth, which was excellent in the recent years for both Keyfactor and PrimeKey.

Fundamental to future business

Perhaps the largest value comes from the transformational power of this merger. I am an industry person and I love to follow the trends in different areas. Over the last several years, we have seen many traditional industries moving into digitalization and adopting new IT methodologies and technologies. This is done to adopt to new realities, but also to harvest new types of opportunities – such as leveraging data from customer behaviors for faster and smarter product development, or to transform the “old style” capital investment business model into a use-based model. We believe that the joint technologies of the new Keyfactor are vital parts of the workbench for any modern company – or allow me to put it another way – they are the platform to digital success. We enable customers to deliver software-defined feature sets, pay-per-use models, performance-based contracting, secure machine2machine communication, zero trust networking and compliance assurance with the highest of information security regulations. These are all examples of technologies that any enterprise of tomorrow simply must have in order to stay relevant and maintain market leadership.

Customers first

It is clear, everyone says so, customers come first. I hope that I have conveyed my excitement about this great next step for us – it makes sense, it follows business logic, and it creates stronger capabilities. Our existing customers and new customers can enjoy all the new benefits of a broader product portfolio and a really great vendor to support them on their journey to success in the new world of all-digital enterprises.

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Magnus Svenningson, CEO PrimeKey


Magnus Svenningson, CEO at PrimeKey

Magnus has experience from leading positions in the IT, telecom and identity management industries. He has a degree in Engineering from Lund University.

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