October 30, 2018

Live webinar

Webinar: Trust and responsibility throughout your software distribution chain

Thales and PrimeKey webcast

About this webinar

Harmful code is today a real threat to users and organizations alike. Criminal groups and even governments increasingly use malicious software to steal, manipulate, and monitor data, to export money, or empty bank accounts. An efficient way to prevent this, to protect your intellectual property, and brand equity is through code signing. That is why the solution today has the attention of the business owner and developer community worldwide.

However, code signing requires not only signing keys to be robust, but also to be stored securely. With the use of a hardware security module (HSM), you can manage the risk of having critical code signing keys stolen and your security compromised.

In this webinar, PrimeKey a leading provider of PKI and signing solutions, together with Thales eSecurity, a leader in HSM technology, will take you through the world of safe code through proper code signing.  Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Achieve trusted and secure software distribution using PKI and HSMs
  • Take advantages of server-side signing with central key management 
  • Support multiple code signing needs, drivers, firmware, and formats (Microsoft, JAR, P#1, P#7, CMS etc.), in one single installation 
  • Integrate with existing build and distribution processes for automation 
  • Deploy best practices for code signing solutions and improve security


The webinar is no longer available.