Webinar: Digital certificate security and maintenance

Digital Certificates

An organization must be in control of its entire stock of digital certificates to ensure the security and maintenance of its services. Join our upcoming webinar (in French only) to see a demo of our solution with Digitalberry.

Webinar title: Comment faire un état des lieux et mettre de l’ordre dans la gestion de vos certificats numériques?

Date: Thursday, April 15

Time: 15:00-15:45 PM CET

Description: The demo will show you how provide a solution to the daily concerns of a typical IT department, such as:

  • Errors are frequent when I manage my 300 certificates with Excel.
  • My teams work on several platforms to manage our public and internal PKIs, so it becomes messy.
  • The renewal and deployment of our certificates is done manually and one by one - it is a waste of considerable time.
  • We had several breakdowns and bugs in our services due to expired certificates, the urgent treatment is very restrictive.
  • I have no control over the nature or the origin of the certificates of the other BUs.
  • We do not know precisely the instances where our "WildCard" certificate is deployed.
  • It is not clear for sure the quality and number of digital certificates of our organization.
  • I can't make the right decisions until I have a clear vision of what already exists, our certificate pool is a bit of chaotic.
  • My PKI management must be auditable.
  • Finally, I must be able to apply my security and compliance policy, in a centralized and harmonized manner.

Speakers: Alexis Janin Solutions & Projects Director at Digitalberry Pierre Codis Director of Sales Southern Europe at PrimeKey

Duration: 1 hour

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