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The PKI Commando Force

PKI Commando Force

By chance we managed to get hold of one of PrimeKey’s most frequent travellers. He is short, well-built and has an impressive CV. Among many other talents he is a very versatile musician. Nowadays, he does not have time for much else than heading “the PrimeKey PKI Commando Force”. His name is Lars Bågnert and he is the VP and Director for Operations & Services at PrimeKey Solutions.

Certificate-based solutions can be used to authenticate users or technical components and to encrypt data and information. A public key infrastructure (PKI) is needed to generate, use and manage the certificates. Lars has worked with his team on numerous PKI projects around the world, with both enterprises and governments.

Operations & Services is the official (and correct) title for the PrimeKey Solutions department that handles everything from implementation and training to professional services, including support, for any PKI project you can think of. But in reality a lot of the day-to-day life of Lars and his team actually resembles a commando force, where they are expected to show up, sometimes within hours, at a customer’s premises, to perform and execute, bringing down the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Lars tells us that besides the fact that PrimeKey is one of the world’s leading companies for PKI solutions, his team of specialists provides businesses and organisations around the world with various security solutions, including authentication, digital signatures, unified digital identities and validation. Lars’ experienced team is always ready to provide professional services and reliable EJBCA and SignServer support, throughout the different phases of any Enterprise project.

“We will squeeze the very best out of your system when helping you to design your PKI solution,” Lars comments.

Finally Lars smiles and before leaving he says; “Taking care of users, identities and their authentication attributes is becoming increasingly important on the Internet. So, who is securing your digital life?”