December 4, 2018

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Security and trust spreading over the world

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For the second year in a row we are awarded the Gasell for fast growing companies in Sweden. That’s not bad, considering that Sweden is currently ranked as the innovation leader of Europe[1]. PrimeKey is a bit of a rare bird on the Gasell list with a very techie cyber security product portfolio and almost 90% of our sales on export, very much thanks to our vibrant community. But why is that? I started thinking of why things are moving so fast for PrimeKey, about what’s happening in the security market and how 2018 has turned out to be a great year.

As I mentioned we are in the cyber security space and in the past years we’ve seen that the awareness of its importance has increased dramatically. As the theme is becoming relevant to all organisations it seems that quite a few are struggling with applying the right method or technology to come to terms with the challenges. And the challenges are many! You need to consider security in all areas, spanning from method and procedure frameworks like ISO-27000, to physical security, to firewalls, to traffic analysis etc.

For PrimeKey, we address the challenges within the identity space, with encryption and signing of data. That means that our technology enables companies and organization to control access to information and ensure integrity of information. This is fundamental if you want to digitize anything, being transaction under eIDAS or measurement and control data in IoT. One place where we clearly see the growing awareness and interest for security is at our own PrimeKey Tech Days. This year we had an all-time high in attendees and gathered around 150 specialists from security savvy organizations, ranging from small specialist firms to several blue-chip users of our technology. During two days in Stockholm a range of speakers shared their insights on topics like software signing from Siemens, Certificate transparency from Google, the fundamentals of eIDAS etc. As always, it was clear to see how much everybody had to gain from meeting with other PKI, security and crypto experts to network and learn from each other. I promise you, there were no awkward silences there! So how will PrimeKey meet up to the growing market and all these opportunities? My answer: with a strong focus on the best products through development and improvement of the functionality, the usability and the ability to integrate. We’re reducing auditing risks for our customers by FIPS and Common Criteria certification and through smart product functionality.

For a growing audience we also see that it’s important to make our portfolio easier to access. Setting up and configuring security products has always been a stiff task, requiring attention to details and a fair bit of craftmanship. One way of making that oh so important first step in to serious security a bit easier is to get started. We’ve addressed that by being available in the cloud and thus enabling any organization to have a state-of-the-art solution up and running in a matter of hours, and accordingly also paying by the hour. And this is how we will continue our growth journey in the final hours of 2018 and in the following year; with the best products to safeguard digital customer experiences on prem or in the cloud. 

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[1] European Commission 



Magnus Svenningson, PrimeKey CEO