January 31, 2017

Blog post

Thank you for the best year ever!


We just released news about how 2016 was a truly great year for PrimeKey and would like to share with you a little bit more about why. The most important reason is that our customers and partners appreciate our products and we would like to give you a big “Thank You For Your Trust And For Your Business!”.

PrimeKey has been around for 15 years and being security and long term minded, we never aspired to become a booming tech start-up – but we made booming start-up figures in 2016. Year to year, we increased our turnover 130%. We will not rest in 2017, but let’s recap what we saw were success factors.

First, let’s talk about PKI Appliance. The sales of PKI Appliance have been a tremendous success in 2016. There is now a PKI Appliance in almost every part of the world, we only need Australia to get truly global. This is of course great for PrimeKey but it is also a sign that the IT security market has validated the benefits with “turn-key PKI” approach. Particularly interesting is adoption of PKI Appliances with larger enterprises. While such organizations can install, configure, keep updated and maintain a PKI product themselves, they see significantly lower total costs by using PKI Appliances. Moreover, they can use their human resources in a more efficient manner for tasks that are directly related to their business.

Our business grew even within the Governmental sector, both in ePassport / eID segment but also in governmental agencies looking for “enterprise PKI” for their internal networks and other “regular” use cases. We are very honored that a 40+ strong Swedish-German team is tusted by governments world wide kpkuift.

Looking around we see that the use cases where PKI is helping businesses are growing, one area we are very excited about is Industrial IoT. As IT security is getting more press coverage, there is an increase in awareness of the importance of delivering safe and secure products. In the Industrial IoT, PKI is being adopted faster than within the consumer IoT. We think that an important factor here is that serious companies do not want to risk damage to their brands by not taking the seceurity of their products or services into consideration.

The increased awareness and interest for IT security is something we at PrimeKey got first hand experience from when arranging our yearly Tech Days. The event was sold out and visitors flew from all around the globe to meet and listen to interesting lectures from some great security minds. There has also been great interest to see the recordings of the lectures, and if you are one of the interested parties – keep your eyes open as we will release them during the spring.

Of course there were a lot of other highlights for PrimeKey, such as several new recruitments (including a new CEO and two more management group members) and a lot of interesting new features in EJBCA, in SignServer and in PKI Appliance. We also gained several new customers, new partners, created animated films etc. All in all, we can say that 2016 was a great year where IT Security got a bigger audience and where PKI and PrimeKey was booming. We have no doubt that 2017 will be even better and look forward to starting with RSA Conference in San Francisco, where we will exhibit and share some exciting news.

The most successful year in PrimeKey history (pdf)