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It is probably a lot easier to ride a bike

Johan Eklund

PrimeKey’s EJBCA PKI is the best available PKI technology in the world today. EJBCA PKI for enterprises is used around the world to issue, manage and maintain digital certificates. EJBCA is a powerful and flexible Certification Authority and a complete PKI Management System. It is probably a lot easier to ride a bike.

Johan Eklund is the Lead Developer & System Architect of the team behind the development of EJBCA website. As well as being an avid fan of fast motorcycles, dynamic shooting and EDM, Johan is devoted to the challenges that lie ahead with what is considered to be the best available PKI technology in the world.

The first thing Johan, also known among his colleagues as “Mr Can Not Not Solve Problems”, mentions when we start talking is the exiting challenges he and his colleagues face almost every day.

“The thing I love most about being part of the team (besides having awesome co-workers) is that our customers keep bringing us interesting challenges, which allow us to keep pushing the envelope even further. There is no such thing as ‘done’ or ‘good enough’. It can always get better, faster, more secure and easier to handle. And all the while we are able to keep our customers’ services robust with 100% uptime during upgrades. Making all of this work is pure beauty.”

“A motorcycle is a very efficient, cheap and fun method of transport, but there is no point in driving fast once and hitting the nearest brick wall. It’s all about proper judgement, seeing the benefits and allowing our customers to carry out proper risk management. When I develop our software, I want to explore all of the options, not just solving the problem here and now, but also looking at the long-term benefits, while minimising any risks. There is plenty of technology that passes through a hype curve during the lifetime of a PKI, so we need to be sufficiently conservative, while closely monitoring breakthroughs and embracing the good parts. Since we are in it for the long run and committed to the support business, our interests are perfectly aligned with our customers. We want to keep them happy and the software bug-free.”

So, what lies ahead? What is the team behind EJBCA working on at the moment? Johan smiles and says, “One of the downsides of being able to adapt to any customer use case is that there is plenty of rope to hang yourself with, and we need to work on making EJBCA easier to use. We have finally made the switch to JEE6, so first we’ll make some behind the scenes improvements, which will enable us to produce an interface that is less user-hostile. And there is always fun stuff like the Internet of creepy Things all around you, which badly needs some security, Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) and better RA integration in general. And there is a bunch of other stuff as always.”