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Some of the brightest PKI minds meet in Stockholm

Tech Days 2015

As previously advertised PrimeKey hosted “probably the most important PKI event of 2015” earlier this week. Over two intense days some of the brightest minds in the PKI community worldwide met in Stockholm.

PrimeKey PKI Tech Days 2015 attracted some of the brightest minds in IT Security, system integration and authentication, as well as other professionals familiar with EJBCA. PrimeKey showed its latest product developments for the PKI Appliance, EJBCA and SignServer. Both partners and customers shared use cases. This was followed by many discussions between professional colleagues.

Tomas Gustavsson, CEO of PrimeKey Solutions and the man behind the event, was very satisfied. We asked if there was anything he was taking away from the PKI Tech Days that he would like to share.

“Absolutely! I would like to mention three things that I’m taking away with me.”

“Number one. Although we’re basically using the same technology, it is being used for everything from ‘user login’ to ‘mission-critical solutions encompassing entire infrastructures’, including people’s own cars!”

“Number two. If you look ahead at the roadmap for PKI, the pace of development is increasing rapidly. This is going to be an interesting and hopefully rewarding challenge for all of us engaged in PKI solutions.”

“Number three. I’ve listened to some really creative solutions from both partners and customers. I’m going to keep a close eye on some of these projects going forward.”