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Sitting on the dock of the bay

Dock of the bay

Most of us have a summer holiday to look forward to. I am sure you do if you are a proud owner of a PKI solution from PrimeKey Solutions, the home of EJBCA. At least your choice of PKI solution should not stop you from having a well-deserved holiday. It is up to you whether you choose the dock of the bay or somewhere else.

Enterprise security is currently very difficult, both to understand and to implement. Unfortunately many IT managers and system administrators do not have the time to really evaluate the best PKI solution. And don’t forget that PKI forms part of a larger picture. Somebody once said that security is a chain and that it is only as strong as its weakest link. As long as there are people involved, there will be a lot of challenges.

My colleagues and I have not only built our own solutions (known by many around the world as simply “EJBCA and SignServer”). We have also explored new roads and found ways to maximise security, while cutting TCO with various products. You may be wondering whether this is even possible. I think it is. Take one of our latest products, the Appliance.

Our PKI Appliance is a “PKI-in-a-box concept” and actually offers the easiest and most secure way of deploying an enterprise PKI system, without the hassle of elaborate installation and integration procedures that could represent potential weak links in the chain. Also addressing the issue with unsecure code signing practices, our latest addition the Code Signing Appliance helps you relax with central, secure management of signing keys. The combination of PKI and digital signing in a single box is something we are eager to talk more about…
PrimeKey PKI Appliance actually empowers your own security team to focus on aspects that are more directly beneficial to your business — the core certificate lifecycle, code and the documents themselves.

Please do not let your choice of PKI solution stop you from choosing your favourite spot this summer.

Tomas Gustavsson, CEO PrimeKey Solutions