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The perfect match: eIDAS trust services and PrimeKey’s PKI hardware appliance platforms

PKI Appliance with an integrated HSM

Our popular hardware appliance offering has now been extended with an eIDAS edition, the EJBCA® Appliance eIDAS edition, including a Common Criteria Protection Profile EN 419 221-5 Hardware Security Module (HSM).

PrimeKey’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions go a long way in reducing the complexity of becoming an eIDAS compliant Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). PrimeKey EJBCA Appliance eIDAS edition provides support of certificate lifecycle management for qualified electronic signatures and seals, PSD2, QWAC and validation services within the eIDAS context, and is a proven solution to cost-efficiently establish these core QTSP capabilities. By delivering strongly on security compliance areas, such as segregation of duties and access control, hardware security modules support and management, physical and environmental security, operational security, network security and incident management as well as performance and simplified maintenance, EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition empowers your security team to focus on aspects more directly beneficial to your business — the core eIDAS certificate lifecycle management for your eIDAS QTSP services.

PrimeKey understands that organizations have unique requirements and availability of internal resources. We give you the choice to combine software appliance, hardware appliance and, if applicable, cloud deployments for your eIDAS PKI solution. This means the infrastructure can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business and compliance needs and the service has the flexibility to expand over time.

In the past few years, PrimeKey has had the honor of working with 30+ eIDAS (qualified) Trust Service Providers (TSPs) which use both our software platform and our hardware appliances. As the eIDAS regulation evolves and new requirements emerge, it is important for PrimeKey to constantly improve our portfolio and support new and updated regulations while continuing to deliver a comprehensive customer experience.

For specific documentation on the EJBCA Hardware Appliance eIDAS edition, see: PrimeKey Documentation