The Commercial Solutions for Classified 2020 (CSfC20)

Commercial Solutions for Classified Conference

PrimeKey is proud to sponsor The Commercial Solutions for Classified 2020 on September 30.

CSfC Conference provides guidance for those who develop, assess, specify, implement or support commercial solutions in support of national security objectives.

CSfC program objectives include:

  • Understanding security requirements and translating those security requirements into product requirements.
  • Implementing security features and providing vendor support for certified products.
  • Encryption and other requirements for implementing the Data-at-Rest (DAR) capabilities package.
  • Defending against side-channel attacks.
  • Integrating physical security, and secure mobility in CSfC solutions.
  • What’s currently state-of-the-art in tactical CSfC technologies.

CSfC Conference will bring together Product Vendors, Component Suppliers, Commercial Testing Laboratories, Trusted Integrators, Standards Organizations, and Government Agencies.

Learn more and register: Register for CSfC20