May 12, 2021

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Thales Data Protection on Demand with PrimeKey’s Flexible Deployment Options

Android signing schemes, compliance and crypto agility

Thales Data Protection on Demand (DPoD) is a cloud-based HSM (Hardware Security Module) platform that provides on-demand encryption and key management services through an online marketplace. This means that there is no HSM hardware to buy, deploy and maintain with this service.

Storing your PKI and signature keys in an HSM is the industry best practice and this is what PrimeKey always recommends. DPoD can be used with EJBCA or SignServer software and cloud deployments. Many verticals have industry-specific standards and regulations along with business challenges, budgets, and internal resource limitations which all affect the selection of security technology and how it is deployed. That is why PrimeKey has developed multiple deployment options and we can give you the choice to combine Software Appliance, Hardware Appliance and public Cloud deployments, including SaaS, for your PKI and Signing solutions. This means that your infrastructure can be deployed in the manner best suited to your business needs, grow flexibly, and expand over time.

This philosophy is also supported in the Thales HMS offering and on-premises Luna HSMs and DPoD Luna Cloud HSM services work together and can be combined.

Thales-enterprise hybrid PKI solution

DPoD is currently supported for all EJBCA or SignServer software software and cloud deployments.

See for the integration guide on how to set up the DPoD with EJBCA Cloud at: Integration Guide

Read more about PrimeKey's support for Thales Luna HSM: Thales Luna HSM