March 21, 2023

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State of Machine Identity Management 2023

An exploration of the role of public key infrastructure (PKI), keys, and digital certificates in securing IT organizations across EMEA and North America.


More machines require more trust.

“The number of machines (workloads and devices) now outnumbers humans by an order of magnitude and organizations must establish tooling and processes to control those identities.”

– Gartner, Managing Machine Identities, Secrets, Keys, & Certificates, Erik Wahlstrom
16 March 2022


As your digital footprint expands, how do you establish — and then maintain— trust?

PKI and machine identities remain essential building blocks to digital trust as organizations accelerate their path to multi-cloud, zero-trust, and DevOps strategies. But that path is not always straightforward — cryptography is changing.


Average number of certificates issued within organizations




Average number of PKI/CA solutions

The use of PKI and machine IDs is expanding – and becoming more complex.

Organizations rely on PKI, cryptographic keys, and digital certificates to securely connect more users, machines, and applications than ever before across their IT environment. However, companies are increasingly struggling to manage their growing PKI and machine identity landscape while navigating economic pressures, a global cybersecurity labor shortage, and the challenges of post-quantum computing.


Say they don't know how many certificates they have




Say increasing use of keys and certificates is putting a burden on their teams


Say they're developing more keys and certificates.

Change is inevitable — security is not static.

The forces driving the proliferation of machines will continue to accelerate in 2023 and beyond. Establishing — and then maintaining — digital trust will be critical for organizations of all sizes and across all industries.


Say they're concerned about their ability to adapt to changes in cryptography.



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