October 10, 2023

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Navigating the State of IoT Security

Keyfactor's new industry report unveils the growing risks associated with IoT devices in a connected world, how to spot the security gaps at the root of today's IoT-related breaches and outages, and how to simplify IoT complexity.


Global respondents: NA, EMEA, APAC

98 %

Organizations reporting certificate outages

$ 2.25 M

Average cost for outages

What's In the Report

Digital trust is essential. It enables individuals and businesses to engage online with confidence.

But how much security is happening in the world of IoT security? Keyfactor wanted to learn how organizations are establishing digital trust and securing their connected devices in highly complex environments.

Digital Trust in a Connected World: Navigating the State of IoT Security looks at the OEMs making IoT and connected devices — and the organizations using them. 

Inside the report, you’ll learn the steps necessary to address ongoing security challenges, emphasizing the importance of issuing and managing digital identities, PKI solutions, certificate lifecycle automation platforms, governing standards, and user awareness and education. 


IoT Security: Visibility Is Key

Do you know how many devices you have? What about certificates — how many do you have? Do you know where they are? How many expire in the next 90 days? How many next week? Do you have visibility into the state of all your certificates?

Certificate outages halt production. A breach can stop operations. If you’re a distribution center, you’re not shipping products. If any of your systems go down, your factory goes down.

Bottom line: If you provide a service or product, outages and breaches mean you’re not making money.


Say they struggle to secure their IoT and connected products


Say their organizations would benefit from using a certificate lifecycle automation platform


Say their organizations' IoT and connected products have been hit by cyberattacks at an average cost of $250K 


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