January 29, 2016

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SignServer Enterprise 3.7.1

SignServer Logotyp

The PrimeKey SignServer team is happy to announce the release of SignServer Enterprise 3.7.1, introducing support for Java code signing (JAR-signing) including support for signing Android apps (APK).

SignServer Enterprise 3.7.1 Release Notes

SignServer Enterprise 3.7.1 is a minor release with 50 issues resolved, the most noteworthy listed below.

New Features and Improvements

  • Java code signing (including Android).
  • Various Administration GUI improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Security issue in Commons Collections library.
  • Regression: Renewing keys for multiple workers at once did not fully work in the Administration GUI.
  • Bin folder could not be put in the PATH environment variable.
  • Username/password not accepted if client certificate presented.
  • The FirstActiveDispatcher was logging using the dispatchees fields.
  • 24 other bug fixes.

More information

Basic information on SignServer is available here. Entire technical details about this release are revealed in the issue tracker.

For further information contact Tomas Gustavsson, CEO, PrimeKey Solutions AB: +46(0)707 42 10 96, tomas.gustavsson@primekey.se