September 30, 2015

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SignServer 3.7.0

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The PrimeKey SignServer team is happy to announce the release of SignServer Enterprise 3.7.0. This is a major release with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Personal signing of documents and code

SignServer 3.7.0 introduces improvements to the user interfaces and internal API:s to support multiple keys and certificates per worker, as well as the ability to store certificates in the HSM. The CLI client now has support for batch signing.

Starting from this version, SignServer can now be used for personal signing of documents and code. In addition, batch signing enables new use cases where documents are collected and then digitally signed all at once, at a specific time.

Running on the latest technology platforms, SignServer is so flexible it is suitable for any organization, cloud, social or mobile system. Faster, more resource efficient, secure and user friendly than ever.

SignServer Enterprise 3.7.0 Release Notes

SignServer Enterprise 3.7.0 is a major release with 67 issues resolved, the most noteworthy listed below.

New Features and Improvements

  • Individual keys and certificates (including CLI/GUI for managing those in a token).
  • Batch signing support in the client CLI.
  • Password prompts in the client CLI.
  • Initial support for building using Maven.
  • Improved logging options in PlainSigner and MSAuthCodeSigner.
  • Various GUI improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Performance issue in XAdES signer has been fixed.
  • Client CLI startup issue on some systems is resolved.
  • Bundled versions of Apache Santuario (XML Security) and Xalan upgraded.

More information

Basic information on SignServer is available here. Entire technical details about this release are revealed in the issue tracker.

For further information contact Tomas Gustavsson, CEO, PrimeKey Solutions AB: +46(0)707 42 10 96,