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Signicat QTSP uses timestamp server from PrimeKey


Signicat, one of the leading digital identity companies in Europe, takes advantage of the timestamp server in PrimeKey’s SignServer in their qualified timestamping services.

Based in Norway, Signicat is one of the leading digital identity companies on the European market and collaborates with identity proofing companies globally. Signicat is also one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, according to Financial Times. Customers are mainly in the financial sector, but also within government organizations, health insurance and service industry.

Signicat offers services throughout the lifecycle of digital identities – from initial identification, via validation and authentication, to qualified electronic signatures and timestamping. While an electronic signature proves who signed a document, a timestamp proves when it was signed. Timestamping services sees a growing interest and is crucial for example in a will, to prove intellectual property rights or in a contract that states a limited time.

Signicat holds the status of a QTSP, or qualified trust service provider, according to the eIDAS regulation. QTSP is a title that not just any organization can carry: it is subject to strict control and is being regularly audited by an externally accredited organization, to ensure that all procedures are followed in adding the timestamp. And the time must be fetched from a trusted time source, which makes tampering with the time close to impossible.

John Erik Setsaas, Vice President of Identity and Innovation at Signicat

”Trust is key. And trust is mostly not about technology, but about processes and organization.”

In that setting, PrimeKey’s timestamping server was chosen for being a trustworthy solution from a long- term, reliable provider of public key infrastructure (PKI). The timestamp server is part of the SignServer product from PrimeKey and is used in Signicat’s electronic signature service as well as their dedicated timestamping service.

As the transaction rate of digital signatures is growing, scalability in the solution is essential. To account for congestions at certain times of day, Signicat runs a high availability setup of their signing service.

PrimeKey’s products are based on open source, which is a guarantee for transparency and reliability.

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