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Siemens – The PKI foundation for Siemens digital growth opportunities

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Siemens AG is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, active in the fields of energy, healthcare, smart infrastructure, industrial automation and more. Through investments in areas like IoT, distributed energy management and infrastructure solutions for electric mobility, Siemens is setting the course for accelerated growth. Siemens Corporate Technology plays a key role in the pursuit of these digital growth opportunities, including providing PKI services to the Siemens business units and beyond.

Siemens products range from wind turbines to healthcare technology and mass-transit railway automation, with many solutions used in critical infrastructure. A common denominator for these solutions is connectivity; almost everything Siemens manufactures runs software, communicating with customers and other systems. Siemens Corporate Technology supports various Siemens business units with cyber security, and their expertise is in high demand. While continued digitalization provides Siemens with great opportunities for growth, it raises the stakes when it comes to security and regulatory demands. To enable Siemens to cost-efficiently deliver on the highest standards in security and compliance, Siemens Corporate Technology provides PrimeKey- based certificate solutions to fulfill the needs of Siemens different business units.

In addition to providing digital certificates for devices, establishing identities and enabling the devices to communicate securely, Siemens Corporate Technology have recently expanded their services with digital signatures. The signing service is used to sign software, configuration files, license files and strengthen security while fulfilling regulatory demands. At the same time, the security and processes relating to software updates is improved. The cost-efficiency and ease of use of the signing solutions is a core driver for the growing number of clients. After a successful launch, Siemens Corporate Technology is anticipating usage to grow rapidly in areas like industry automation, mobility, building technology and more.

Great flexibility in signature formats, strong integration capabilities and collaborative ways of working were key considerations for Siemens when partnering with PrimeKey. Moving forward, the scalability of PrimeKey’s solutions will be put to test as the loads on Siemens PKI infrastructure will rapidly grow. Still, Christopher Schmid with Siemens Corporate Technology is confident.

Christopher Schmid, Service Governance, Digital Signature Service at Siemens

“I have no fear that our infrastructure will not scale with the growing needs – PrimeKey and their products will be able to handle it.”

Based on the success Siemens Corporate Technology has experienced with PrimeKey, investments in their PKI infrastructure will continue. The aim is to support a growing number of clients, to add features and to drive automation further. The foundation has been laid and Siemens is ready to securely pursue the digital growth opportunities ahead.

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