September 9, 2021

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Securing the Identities of Connected Cars

tomas gustavsson

Securing the identities of connected cars

A Hybrid Approach to PKI Deployment for Modern Manufacturers

Manufacturing is one of the most attacked industries, facing a range of cybersecurity challenges. The proliferation of DevOps and distributed IoT devices, as well as the need to secure the digital identities of these applications and devices, calls for innovative approaches to PKI deployment.

Thales and PrimeKey are partnering to offer a hybrid approach to securing PKI key management which can assist modern industries that are looking for a unified PKI governance solution. The joint solution leverages the power of PrimeKey’s EJBCA PKI solution together with Thales’ on-premises Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and cloud-based Data Protection on Demand (DPoD)

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Tomas Gustavsson

Tomas is the co-founder and CTO of PrimeKey. He has been implementing PKI systems since 1994. As founder and developer of the open source enterprise PKI project, EJBCA, contributor to numerous open source projects, and member of the board of Open Source Sweden, Tomas is passionate about helping users worldwide to find the best possible PKI and digital signing solutions.