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QuoVadis secures leading position

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QuoVadis PKI

QuoVadis is a leading commercial certificate authority (CA) with operations in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Bermuda.

QuoVadis provides managed public key infrastructure services (PKI), including shared services CAs that have been audited to international standards as well as dedicated CAs that may be fully customised to a client’s needs.

QuoVadis is active internationally in both the market for TLS/SSL certificates as well as end user certificates deployed for digital signatures and authentication. QuoVadis serves as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP/TSP) in several countries, with a significant commitment to independent audit of its security processes and infrastructure for compliance with ETSI and WebTrust standards.

QuoVadis’ Trust/Link Enterprise is a rapid-deployment registration authority (RA) that permits companies to efficiently manage the lifecycle of digital certificates across their various departments and use cases. Trust/Link provides the options and control of an in-house CA in a managed service with predictable costs and service levels.

Key factors in QuoVadis’ decision to choose EJBCA Enterprise to support Trust/Link were the ability to efficiently manage a large variety of issuing CAs and certificate types and to support its business continuity goals. In addition, QuoVadis required the flexibility to rapidly adapt to evolving standards such as Certificate Transparency (RFC 6962) for TLS/SSL.

PrimeKey worked with QuoVadis to provide a seamless transition to EJBCA Enterprise for Trust/Link users, while maintaining the highest security standards. With integration support from PrimeKey, the project was completed within very tight timelines and enabled QuoVadis to be among the early adopters of Certificate Transparency.

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