May 19, 2020

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PrimeKey’s take on the NIS Directive


How to prepare for new cybersecurity regulations that are fostering increased accountability

Find out how the NIS directive impacts critical infrastructure and other businesses alike, which frameworks you should implement, and how solutions like PKI and code signing facilitate NIS compliance as well as business goals. 

The scale, frequency and impact of cybersecurity incidents are increasing, threatening network and information systems that are integral to almost all organizations. With the NIS Directive, the EU has put an ambitious framework in place. When the data protection regulation GDPR came into force, it was widely discussed and its importance soon reached most decision makers – but is the NIS directive on your radar as well? 

EJBCA and SignServer reduces the information security risks involved around NIS and related compliance regimes, such as GDPR. If you are interested in investing in a competent PKI and code signing solution, get in touch with us: 

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