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PrimeKey’s EJBCA Enterprise Cloud and Marvell LiquidSecurity Network HSMs Enable Cloud PKI for AWS CloudHSM and Private Cloud

Marvell HSM and PrimeKey PKI

PrimeKey and Marvell enable cloud security through the integration of PrimeKey’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) software EJBCA® Enterprise Cloud and Marvell® LiquidSecurity® Network Hardware Security Module (HSM). The integrated solution is available on AWS CloudHSM and in the private cloud environment.

With the AWS CloudHSM, customers get a cloud-based HSM that enables the customer to easily generate and use the customer’s own encryption keys. AWS CloudHSM is based on the Marvell LiquidSecurity FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs. The Marvell LiquidSecurity Network HSM solution is designed from the ground up for cloud data centers, providing the scalability, lights out management capabilities and high transactions/sec performance required in private or public cloud data centers. Pairing the Marvell LiquidSecurity Network HSMs with PrimeKey’s PKI software EJBCA Enterprise Cloud, designed for scalability and flexibility, gives customers a strong security solution suitable for providing users, devices and infrastructure components with reliable and secure digital identities. When developing the integration between EJBCA Enterprise Cloud and AWS CloudHSM, Marvell and PrimeKey have worked closely together on a technical level that resulted in optimized performance and advanced functionality on both sides.  

Tomas Gustavsson, CTO at PrimeKey says:

We see that the interest for our Cloud PKI is constantly growing and it is important for us to keep developing our products in the area. Integrating with AWS CloudHSM has been an important step in PrimeKey’s Cloud offering. Users now can to take full advantage of the cloud scaling capabilities also for the HSM usage, by quickly adding and removing HSM capacity on-demand as it fits the use case.

Tejinder Singh, general manager of Security Solutions at Marvell, says,

We are seeing more and more use cases for PKI migrating to public and private cloud environments. Our LiquidSecurity Network HSM’s integration with Primekey Cloud PKI now offers an excellent solution for such use cases.

The integration will be demonstrated at RSA Conference held in San Francisco between March 4th to March 8th in the PrimeKey booth #1935.  

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