March 19, 2019

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PrimeKey SEE now FIPS compliant according to 140-2 Level 3

PrimeKey is proud to announce that the PrimeKey SEE has gained an official FIPS certificate from CMVP/NIST (Cryptographic Module Validation Program/National Institute of Standards and Technology). That means that the product is now proven compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 3, a true stamp of quality for the product.

The PrimeKey SEE is a full-size rack-mounted application server that comes with a patented execution environment for any operating system and application. It ensures that the server runtime environment can only be accessed by authorized security administrators, making it impossible for unauthorized users to access, to extract or to modify applications/data. By doing so it opens up a new world of possibilities where you can run each mission-critical application in any uncontrolled environment. With SEE, companies can place their software wherever it benefits further advances of their business. In addition, it prevents manipulation. With a proven quality through the FIPS certificate, the PrimeKey SEE can now address even more use cases for a wide range of customers. As an example, running mission critical applications inside the FIPS compliant SEE will greatly simplify security audit processes.

Martin Oczko, head of Appliance technologies at PrimeKey, is proud of the certification and sees many use cases for the PrimeKey SEE:

One use case example that we discuss often is that new off-shore production lines forces companies to invest in expensive safes that they put on the factory floors for safekeeping their applications and data. With the PrimeKey SEE they don’t need those safes and can save both space and money.

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For more information, please contact: Martin Oczko, Head of Appliance Technologies, PrimeKey

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