August 21, 2015


PrimeKey Migration Campaign

PrimeKey Migration table

As you might already know, PrimeKey’s Tech Days are sold out and the countdown has begun. So we have decided to add one more special countdown offer until PrimeKey Tech Days start:

PrimeKey Professional Services proudly presents the PrimeKey Migration Campaign, valid until 21 September 2015.

Using the expertise of the PrimeKey Professional Services team, you can now make the safe decision to migrate into the PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise family. Our team has both the capacity and experience to migrate large enterprises or governmental deployments, LIVE. Working with the PrimeKey Professional Services team, this transition is painless and brings you peace of mind, both today and for the future.

Get out of Dodge

Have you already made the decision or are considering replacing your non-EJBCA PKI solution? PrimeKey can offer the full support of PrimeKey Professional Services, supplying support, training, validation and everything else you might need to migrate to EJBCA Enterprise without disrupting any of your operations.

Move to the light

If you have the EJBCA community version, transitioning to EJBCA Enterprise will support your deployment. Both you and your customers will benefit from more features, and you will maintain the safety of the system much more easily with updates and upgrades validated by PrimeKey.

Depending on your unique requirements and business needs, we will work out the fine print with you before you make your final decision.

PrimeKey Migration table

Please email us and we will help you.