PrimeKey launches new website and new profile

Happy development

The IT Security market at large, and the PKI field in particular is booming with activity. PrimeKey, with the worlds most downloaded PKI Solution, is at the heart of this and is growing accordingly. Revenues were up 130 % during the past year and the company grew in sales, partnerships, employees and more. These are exciting times and there is a clear change of pace for PrimeKey.

Magnus Svenningson became CEO of PrimeKey during the spring of 2016 with the clear intention of enhancing PrimeKeys position;

As the market for our products and solutions is growing we find that the target group is evolving. It is not only the technician working with PKI who’s is interested in the subject anymore. CTOs, CIOs and even CEOs start paying attention to the importance of securing your data and communication. They start to realize the business value that lies within.

With a broader audience, PrimeKey has updated both website and profile to expand the communication and reflect the change of pace in the company.

We’re a technologically advanced company in the forefront of IT Security, where our customers and partners rely on us for the very core of their security solutions. The aim of our new profile is for everyone to know that PrimeKey is where you should turn if you are serious about your security, no matter your business.

Karin Trogstam, CMO at PrimeKey, is happy to launch the updated profile of PrimeKey, marking the strategic focus on expansion, customer value and bringing security to the connected world.


For more information, contact:

Karin Trogstam, CMO
+46 769 41 27 59

Magnus Svenningson, CEO
+46 739 63 97 00