November 13, 2020

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PrimeKey is proud to win the Di Gasell award for the fourth consecutive year

PrimeKey awarded Di Gasell 2020

We are very happy to announce that PrimeKey has been awarded the Di Gasell award for the fourth consecutive year. Less than 1 percent of Sweden's companies achieve the requirements to be called Gasell Companies and we are continuing to grow. But even without looking at our award, we can easily see that the need for serious IT Security, such as PrimeKey's technology, is ever evolving. While employees may become more proficient at identifying phishing emails through employee training, management across all verticals realize that this is not enough when so much is at stake.

Over the past few decades, as technology has increasingly connected people, devices and business processes, cyberattacks have become more common.

“With recent cybersecurity attacks, businesses and organizations are witnessing increased pressure to act. With PrimeKey’s unique and world-leading technology, organizations reduce risks and avoid severe consequences from the threats that they are facing. ” said Magnus Svenningson, PrimeKey CEO. “Our solutions are fundamental to all businesses impacted by digitization and we are committed to standards, being integratable on-prem, in the cloud or as a managed service.”

PrimeKey is passionate about helping businesses and organizations secure their digital communication to drive efficient use of resources, achieve desired business outcomes, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that assets are secured from cyberthreats. As a pioneer in open source security software, PrimeKey provides businesses and organizations around the world with the ability to implement security solutions, such as e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures, unified digital identities and validation. Our widely-used products, such as EJBCA Enterprise, SignServer Enterprise, EJBCA Appliance and PrimeKey SEE, minimize the risks involved with communicating digitally as much as possible.  It has been an exciting year for PrimeKey from the acquisition of Crypto Workshop to supporting our customers meet new auditing regulations with FIPS and Common Criteria certifications and more.

Digitalization can help address pressing challenges in societies today -- from healthcare professionals who can be more effective and efficient with advancements in IoT and AI to smart cities and new modes of transportation increasing efficiencies to lighten the environmental burden. Every company and organization now needs to consider how they are securing critical information. We see our continued growth as a sign that we are continuing to make the right decisions to secure people, devices and business processes from present and future threats with our widely-used technologies. 

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About the Di Gasell award Di Gasell tributes Sweden's most successful companies each year to encourage growth in Sweden and supply Sweden's entrepreneurs with inspiration, practical knowledge, and good role models. For the last 20 years, the award has been presented to the country's fastest growing companies at a live event where we toast the winners, network, and listen to presentations about the economic situation of the country. Less than 1 percent of Sweden's companies achieve the requirements to be called Gasell Companies and PrimeKey is delighted to have this honor again in 2020.