May 17, 2017


PrimeKey helps deliver EST API for Bouncy Castle in collaboration with CISCO

Legion of the Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle recently released their latest feature filled release, where one of the main features is the new API for client side EST (RFC7030) requests. PrimeKey, in collaboration with CISCO, played a big role in supporting the development of the new feature and gets a special mention in the Bouncy Castle release notes.

The EST client API enables clients using Java to easily use the modern EST protocol for PKI certificate management. EST is a modern protocol for PKI certificate management, enabling efficient and algorithm agile usage of certificates in a large range of use cases such as network devices, mobile and IoT.

Having widely available programming APIs are a key success factor to get wide usage of a protocol, and thus high usage of secure practices when developing and deploying new solutions.

For more information, please contact:
Tomas Gustavsson, CTO
+46 707 42 10 96