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PrimeKey announces a new partnership with Cryptomathic


Cryptomathic and PrimeKey announce a new partnership involving Cryptomathic Crypto Service Gateway (CSG) with PrimeKey SEE.

Cryptomathic’s CSG enables organizations to achieve the full potential of cost savings through shared crypto devices and streamlined crypto operations. CSG is a central cryptographic infrastructure that simplifies application integration while ensuring the highest availability and utilization of HSMs. To provide an extended physical protection layer for CSG and the applications using its services, PrimeKey’s SEE supplies a seamless trustworthy platform to the CSG.

PrimeKey’s SEE is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified rack-mounted server, which ensures that applications running in VMs are operated in an environment that fulfill the same FIPS 140-2 level 3 requirements as the HSM devices managed by CSG. Typical solution areas are in the Industrial IoT and the Financial sector.

Read the solution brief to find out more. Cryptomathic and PrimeKey solution brief

Come and see us at ICMC 2019 in Vancouver where we will demonstrate our joint solution. ICMC 2019 in Vancouver