March 12, 2021

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PrimeKey and i4p announce a new technology partnership

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PrimeKey, one of the global leaders for PKI and digital signing solutions, announces a technology partnership with i4p, European developer company offering HSMs and related technical solutions for trust services. The two parties have products that uniquely complement each other, particularly in the field of PKI and eIDAS compliance. PrimeKey’s EJBCA Community and Enterprise editions are already integrated with i4p’s TRIDENT HSMs, meaning the flexible open-source certificate issuance and management software can be easily set up with TRIDENT HSMs, which are offered both as a Common Criteria evaluated standalone version as well as in MPC (Multi-Party Computation enabled) clustered version.

Furthermore, PrimeKey’s digital signing software, SignServer can also be used in combination with i4p’s TRIDENT CC-certified and eIDAS-listed (as QSCD) HSM, as well as with i4p’s CC-certified TRIDENT Remote Signing Solution (RSS) product. By partnering with i4p, PrimeKey extends its HSM support with a new and unique Common Criteria certified HSM solution. As PrimeKey’s customers are building their PKIs based on HSMs as the foundation for secure handling of the CA’s private keys, this is an important part of PrimeKey’s strategy. PrimeKey has long had a solid offering in the market and are happy to extend that offering with i4p’s expertise and HSM services.

“The market is moving towards compliance requirements that will not only require FIPS certifications but also recognizes Common Criteria certification for an HSM” says Admir Abdurahmanovic, VP Strategy at PrimeKey. “Even though PrimeKey has an established reputation in PKI solutions with nearly 20 years of experience, their agile methods and products could still impress us. Our solutions match extremely well and TRIDENT products work seamlessly with Primekey’s services” says Zsolt Rózsahegyi, CEO of i4p. i4p’s TRIDENT HSM is EAL4+ certified against Common Criteria protection profile EN 419 221-5 while i4p's TRIDENT RSS is EAL4+ certified against Common Criteria protection profile EN 419 241-2. i4p’s products have a continuous certification cycle to rapidly react to the compliance changes, thus meeting all existing and future customer needs. i4p’s TRIDENT HSM’s MPC version is the only physical HSM on the market today that natively supports truly distributed cryptography, based on the proven achievements of secure multi-party computation.

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About i4p

i4p was founded in 2014 to develop applied cryptographic solutions. The mission of the founders is to develop innovative solutions that revolutionize the IT security industry with electronic authentication solutions that provide the technological background for new directives governing data protection, as well as to develop and market distributed cryptographic procedures and distributed platforms based on them. The company’s founders and engineering team have pre-eminent expertise in both cryptography as well as in product and service development. i4p website

For step-by-step instructions on how to integrate EJBCA and Trident HSM, you can find the ip4 PrimeKey EJBCA –Trident HSM Integration Guide on PrimeKey Documentation: PrimeKey Documentation on Trident HSM Integration  

About PrimeKey

Primekey is one of the world’s leading companies for PKI and digital signing solutions. Deployed as software, appliance or cloud, our products EJBCA and SignServer deliver the capability to implement an enterprise grade PKI system ready to support solutions such as IoT, e-ID, e-Passports, authentication, digital signatures unified digital identities and validation. PrimeKey has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden. About PrimeKey