The only real hardcore PKI event in 2016

PKI Tech Days

This week it was finally time for “The only real hardcore PKI event in 2016”: PrimeKey PKI Tech Days. The event was designed for people who have a professional background in IT Security, work with system integration and authentication, run a PKI solution and/or are already familiar with EJBCA.

Over two intense days some of the brightest minds in the worldwide PKI community met in Stockholm. At Tech Days they could listen to deep-dive tech briefs about PrimeKey technologies but also about Blockchains vs PKI, Security for IoT, Quantum Crypto, Certificate Transparency and more. In addition, both partners and customers shared some really interesting use cases. This was followed by many discussions between professional colleagues.

Admir Abdurahmanovic, Co-founder and VP Strategy at PrimeKey Solutions, was very satisfied with the PKI Tech Days. We asked if there was anything he would like to share from the event.

“Sure! I would like to mention a few things that I’m taking away with me.”

“Number one. For anything important in the Internet of Things (IoT), especially for the ‘industrial IoT’, PKI is way up on the hot list. One strong indicator of this is what’s happening within IoT. IAM vendors who are connecting with IoT are discovering a need to manage things and/or devices, instead of only managing human users. This strongly implies the need of PKI, but on a scale that will be much larger than enterprises typically use.”

“Number two. For enterprises the keywords are Automation and Cloud. Our partner C2 Company held an engaging presentation that showed some very interesting use cases, for instance when the Cisco SDN product offering became completely ‘EJBCA-ized’ and automatic. Another example was the presentation from Cryptomatic regarding the European adoption of the eIDAS regulation where they presented a very compelling approach and solution.”

“Number three. InfoSec Global had a great presentation about post-quantum PKI. There is plenty of research in the area, and I particularly liked their method that is both quantum secure and provides transition from traditional systems that is more practical than some other schemes. The bottom line is, thanks to some great cryptographers, we are all going to have work for many years to come.”

Finally, Admir says smiling. “I am putting on my sales hat for a moment, we just announced a few new product releases. Looking further ahead at the roadmap, the pace of development is increasing and PrimeKey will deliver some really interesting solutions, so please stay tuned in”.

Admir Abdurahmanovic attended as moderator at PKI Tech Days 2016
Admir Abdurahmanovic, Co-Founder and VP Strategy at PrimeKey, attended as moderator at PKI Tech Days 2016.

The PrimeKey PKI Tech Days 2016 in September was fully booked. We are planning to release some presentations from the event. If you want to take advantage of the presentations, please let us know by sending an email to and we will send you a notice when and where the videos will be ready.