PrimeKey PKI Tech Days 2016

Tech Days 2016 - fully booked

We are happy to invite you to Stockholm and PrimeKey PKI Tech Days, probably the only real hardcore PKI event in 2016. More than 90% of the attendees from last year were very positive about the event. One thing we were asked for was to do even more “geek stuff”.

We love PKI geeks, as we are geeks ourselves. So this year expect even more in-depth technical presentations. We want you to stay ahead of the curve and learn about our latest product developments for the PKI Appliance, EJBCA and SignServer. As well as cool deep-dive tech briefs about PrimeKey technologies, we plan to have presentations on block chains and PKI, security for IoT, quantum crypto and Certificate Transparency. “In short, an event I myself would like to go to,” says Tomas Gustavsson, CTO of PrimeKey Solutions.

PrimeKey PKI Tech Days 2016 is designed for people who have a professional background in IT Security, work with system integration and authentication, run a PKI solution and/or are already familiar with EJBCA.

We are running a full programme from 13.00 until late evening on Monday 19 September and will continue with the programme from 08.00 until approximately 17.00 on Tuesday 20 September. We have managed to attract some incredible guest speakers.

Last year the event was fully booked in about a week. Please make sure you secure your place today, as places are limited to maintain high quality throughout the event. Many attendees have a company policy that enforces paying for any expenditures so we decided to charge a small amount (380 Euro + VAT) that will cover food, beverages and evening event.

Programme | Staying in Stockholm

PrimeKey PKI Tech Days, probably the only real hardcore PKI event in 2016