February 12, 2016

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The only turn-key PKI solution now available in S, M and L

PrimeKey Press release

With the release of PKI Appliance 2.4, PrimeKey Solutions now offers the PKI Appliance in three different models.

PrimeKey Solutions as the leading open source PKI-company, founder and commercial force behind the world’s most downloaded open source PKI projects – EJBCA and SignServer, is proud to announce the new release of PKI Appliance 2.4. With PrimeKey PKI Appliance you get everything you need to start up a PKI solution with minimum effort (including server, HSM, EJBCA on a controlled software stack). Besides introducing new functionalities in this release, PrimeKey Solutions now offers the PKI Appliance in three different models, addressing different needs depending on the use cases.

Some of the most noteworthy features are:

  • Introduction of new PKI Appliance models S, M, and L.
  • PKI Appliance S, perfect for an off-line root, up to 1K certificates.
  • PKI Appliance M, general PKI solution, up to 8M certificates.
  • PKI Appliance L, high volume PKI solution, up to 20M certificates.
  • Update to EJBCA 6.4 and SignServer 3.7.
  • Support for HSM FIPS firmware module.
  • Support for signed and encrypted firmware and application software packages.
  • Improved configuration of SSH and console access.

Tomas Gustavsson says; “I am proud to say that our development team behind the PKI Appliance project has done it again. Great work. For more information about the release please visit our website, www.primekey.com."

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