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PKI Appliance 2.5.0

PKI Appliance

The PrimeKey Appliance team is proud to announce the release of PKI Appliance 2.5.0. This is a feature release which brings mainly a new version of EJBCA and (optional) SignServer.

PKI Appliance 2.5.0 Release Notes

Appliance Platform


  • Updated documentation.
  • Updated HSM firmware.

Security Patches

  • OpenSSL has been updated to 1.0.2g.

EJBCA and SignServer

This version of the PKI Appliance runs EJBCA Enterprise For more info view the EJBCA Enterprise 6.5.0 release notes.

The optional SignServer add-on for this appliance version, is SignServer Enterprise 3.7.3.

More information

Detailed product sheets and basic information on PrimeKey PKI Appliance is available here.

For further information contact Martin Oczko, Product Manager, PrimeKey Labs GmbH, tel: +49(0)241 608 471 17, e-mail: