June 8, 2015

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PrimeKey PKI Appliance 2.3.0

PKI Appliance

The PrimeKey Appliance team is happy to announce the release of PrimeKey PKI Appliance 2.3.0. Based on EJBCA Enterprise, PrimeKey PKI Appliance provides you the most easy and efficient way to setup a complete PKI with just a few clicks.

This is a feature release which introduces a couple of new functionalities for the Appliance Platform and also an updated version of EJBCA Enterprise and the optionally available SignServer Enterprise.

The below release notes give a short overview of the most noteworthy changes in this version:

Appliance Platform

  • Extended SNMP interface (cluster status, DB Disk Usage, EJBCA/SignServer health)
  • Integrated Mail Relay for sending out mail notifications (EJBCA)
  • Possibility to disable the otherwise mandatory audit log
  • Better security defaults (SSH disabled by default, smart cards required per default)
  • Network security improvements
  • Improved cluster handling and monitoring in WebConf
  • Extended documentation
  • Several minor WebGUI bugs have been fixed
  • Preventing that the WebGUI becomes unreachable after a period of 50 days of inactivity

EJBCA Enterprise 6.3.1

  • Now possible to create CAs and issue End Entity certificates through the Web Service API
  • SCEP Client Certificate Renewal
  • Web Service API calls for monitoring certificate expiration
  • Single Active Certificate Constraint has been added to Certificate Profiles, allowing for automatic revocation of old certificates, as new ones are issued
  • For more details please check EJBCA 6.3.1 release notes

SignServer Enterprise 3.6.3 Add-On (Optional)

  • Authenticode signer for portable executables (code signing)
  • CSCA Master List signer (for ePassports)
  • Signer that produces plain signatures
  • Configurable maximum upload limit
  • For more details please check SignServer 3.6.3 release notes

More information

Product sheet and basic information on PrimeKey PKI Appliance is available here.

For further information contact Martin Oczko, Product Manager, PrimeKey Labs GmbH, tel: +49(0)241 608 471 17, e-mail: martin.oczko@primekey.de