PKI 2.0 Conference

PKI 2.0 Conference

PrimeKey CTO at PKI 2.0 Conference

Tomas Gustavsson, PrimeKey CTO, will lead a session at the upcoming PKI 2.0 Conference. PKI, one of the most effective technologies for authentication of users and devices, is trusted by worldwide companies. This event addresses critical questions, such as: what does the PKI future look like and what are the existing PKI trends. 

Join us online to hear his presentation at the PKI conference dedicated to PKI evolution and the role PKI will play in the modern world of cybersecurity.

Date: October 21st, 2021

Time: 11.30 AM CEST

Location: Online

Cost: Tickets are free of charge.

About PKI 2.0 Conference

Learn from PKI experts at world-leading companies. Get the latest insights, discuss the hot-topic PKI trends along with the most challenging customer requests and their impact on the future of PKI. This event is designed to expand your knowledge about PKI, answer critical questions and extend your networking within the PKI world. Join us to learn about the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies within cybersecurity. 

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Tomas Gustavsson

Tomas Gustavsson
- PrimeKey CTO