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PrimeKey Tech Days: From the Foundations of PKI to Post-Quantum Encryption

Our field, applied cryptography, is beneficial to society, government, and private enterprises alike. The technologies that we deliver as an industry are omnipresent – from organizations large and small, across the internet and into our homes. It was wi...
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Connected vehicles
EJBCA Enterprise

Securing the Identities of Connected Cars

Securing the identities of connected cars A Hybrid Approach to PKI Deployment for Modern Manufacturers Manufacturing is one of the most attacked industries, facing a range of cybersecurity challenges. The proliferation of DevOps and distributed IoT de...
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Keep Calm and Keep Preparing: ICMC 2021 and the Post-Quantum Cryptography Competition

By David Hook This morning, I watched another sunrise from my home office window and saw the successful conclusion of another International Cryptographic Module Conference . Yes, here in Australia, or “Ozcatraz” as many of us locals now know it (mostl...
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SignServer Enterprise

Signicat QTSP uses timestamp server from PrimeKey

Signicat, one of the leading digital identity companies in Europe, takes advantage of the timestamp server in PrimeKey’s SignServer in their qualified timestamping services. Based in Norway, Signicat is one of the leading digital identity companies on...
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Becoming Crypto Agile

Cryptography has been protecting private information for thousands of years. Join us as we develop the future of crypto agility. Modern life revolves around digital data. Finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing, and a myriad of elements of soci...
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Notes from the Bouncy Cave and the Third NIST PQC Standardization Conference

For those of you not up with the news in Australia, last week saw the end of another COVID lockdown in Melbourne. Last week also saw NIST running its third PQC Standardization Conference and doing it virtually. Something for which this correspondent wa...

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