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EJBCA, Microsoft and open source: How Azure brought everything together

It used to be uncommon to mention open source and Microsoft in one sentence. PrimeKey’s open source history is no exception, and used to distance us from Microsoft. Read on to learn about the transformation journey of EJBCA and Microsoft during the past...
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Cryptography Solution
EJBCA Enterprise

The (not so) new normal – ubiquity of applied cryptography

Cryptographic ubiquity is the final side of the triangle alongside robustness and agility. And in many ways, it is the area with the most room for growth. Perhaps only for me because I'm an IT nerd, but it has become normal to read bad news every week a...
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A look back on a fantastic 2021 – and the path forward into an exciting future

As we close 2021 and enter the holiday season, Jordan Rackie, CEO, and Magnus Svenningsson, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), share their thoughts on the incredible past year for Keyfactor and our customers – and look forward to a hopeful 2022.   Magnus...
CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology.
Identity Authority Manager
Supply chain security

Establish trust from day one – for your IoT devices

Three use cases - from production line to aftermarket  Internet of things and Industry 4.0 solutions can make our world better, smarter and more sustainable, but only when meeting the fundamental requirement of trust.  Secure supply chains, smart bu...
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Cryptography Solution

How do we deliver on agility as an IT security vendor?

In previous blog posts, we touched on how important IT infrastructure is for our modern society and why IT security vendors need to deliver robustness . It would appear that notions of agility and robustness go against each other. After all, if somethin...
Android signing schemes, compliance and crypto agility
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Certificate Management for Google Chrome OS devices

Certificate Management for Google Chrome OS devices  Organizations and enterprises require users to authenticate themselves using digital certificates and implements protocols that supports this in their IT infrastructure, for example EAP-TLS authen...

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