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IoT & IIoT security
Supply chain security

How to Navigate Complex Supply Chains to Build Trusted IoT Devices

Learn how a "zero trust" approach ensures the safety of your devices from the production floor to the end-user. Manufacturing supply chains continue to get more complex, and it has becoming increasingly difficult to build IoT that can be t...
Tech update
Cryptography Solution

How to prepare your PKI for quantum computing

The eventual arrival of quantum computers means that most of the algorithms we currently rely on for public key infrastructure (PKI) will no longer be secure. By being crypto agile and trying out the new Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) algorithms, you c...
Blog post
Cryptography Solution

Three key takeaways from the Real World Crypto Symposium 2022

Crypto, meaning Cryptography, was on the agenda in Amsterdam from the 13th to 15th of April with another Real World Crypto Symposium - held as an in-person and online event. Read this blog by Keyfactor’s David Hook to learn more about his three key take...
EJBCA Enterprise
PKI migration

Migrating to Microsoft Azure with a Modern PKI

Taking the holistic approach on your migration to the cloud Security cannot be an afterthought. The one thing you can be certain of is that the need for certificates will grow as your business is digitalized. A holistic approach on cloud migration, in...
Tech update
Cryptography Solution

Keeping it simple – private key encryption with the Bouncy Castle Kotlin API

The Kotlin API is a Kotlin wrapper that goes on top of either Bouncy Castle or Bouncy Castle FIPS. It enables non-developers to perform basic tasks, such as generating key pairs, certificates, and certificate requests; and encryption of private keys....
Blog post
EJBCA Enterprise

Enlightened enrollment: The book of five certificate enrollment protocols

In this blog post, Mike Agrenius Kushner in his role of Product Architect is going to present a layman’s guide to PKI enrollment over API and five of the protocols supported today by EJBCA.    Remember, if you were there, your first day of university...

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