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IoT & IIoT security

New technology and a solid chain of trust

How do we realize the benefits of a totally connected world? The paradigm of the IoT focused IT industry is that in the future, everything that can benefit from a connection will be connected. We are only at the beginning of this transformation but even...
Andreas Philipp, PrimeKey

Skilled security expert joins PrimeKey

Primekey, one of the world’s leading companies in PKI solution, is glad to announce that Andreas Philipp joins PrimeKey as Business Development Manager. After more than 20 years with an extensive experience in several roles and positions in the Security...
Legion of the Bouncy Castle

PrimeKey helps deliver EST API for Bouncy Castle in collaboration with CISCO

Bouncy Castle recently released their latest feature filled release, where one of the main features is the new API for client side EST (RFC7030) requests. PrimeKey, in collaboration with CISCO, played a big role in supporting the development of the new...
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Code signing

Protecting against ransomware

With the recent world wide ransomware attack , that affected both public and private services in many countries the obvious question is “how can we protect against these kinds of attacks in the future”. The answer is not a simple one, and there is no si...
Harry Haramis and Magnus Svenningson
About PrimeKey

PrimeKey acquires C2 Company, Accelerates presence in the US

PrimeKey Solutions has acquired C2 Company in California, a move which significantly strengthens the company’s presence in the United States. C2 Company, known for successfully providing complex PKI, network, and security integration services to an imp...
Happy development

PrimeKey launches new website and new profile

The IT Security market at large, and the PKI field in particular is booming with activity. PrimeKey, with the worlds most downloaded PKI Solution, is at the heart of this and is growing accordingly. Revenues were up 130 % during the past year and the co...

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