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PrimeKey acquires C2 Company, Accelerates presence in the US

PrimeKey Solutions has acquired C2 Company in California, a move which significantly strengthens the company’s presence in the United States. C2 Company, known for successfully providing complex PKI, network, and security integration services to an imp...
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PrimeKey launches new website and new profile

The IT Security market at large, and the PKI field in particular is booming with activity. PrimeKey, with the worlds most downloaded PKI Solution, is at the heart of this and is growing accordingly. Revenues were up 130 % during the past year and the co...
DigiSign PKI
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EJBCA Enterprise
SignServer Enterprise
Trust Service Provider

DigiSign – Growing business more safely and quickly

DigiSign is an accredited Certification Authority, providing qualified digital certificates and leading security products and services to the Romanian market. This would not have been possible without a “backbone” that seamlessly allows the fast, stab...
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EJBCA Hardware Appliance
IoT & IIoT security

ITCARD – Smooth sailing with secure Point of Sales

ITCARD provides services via more than 3,900 ATMs, 15,000 POS devices and 0,9 million cards and 1,6 million 3D Secure cards in Poland. ITCARD cooperates with VISA and MasterCard in several areas, including card issuing and acceptance, ATMs and cash in m...
Filippeans national ID
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National e-ID for the citizens of the Philippines

In 2012, the Philippine International Trading Corporation launched a tender for a project to implement special certificates. These certificates were to be used to electronically identify citizens and government personnel when accessing governmental serv...
QuoVadis PKI
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QuoVadis secures leading position

QuoVadis is a leading commercial certificate authority (CA) with operations in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Bermuda. QuoVadis provides managed public key infrastructure services (PKI), including shared service...

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