eID for Malawi

PrimeKey secures Malawi’s first ever national ID cards

As of late 2017 Malawians can now for the first time collect their very own national ID card. The ID cards are secured with digital signatures issued by SignServer and certificates from EJBCA, both products by PrimeKey. This means that not only can the...
PKI migration - person explaining PKI

PrimeKey certified for several quality certificates

We are proud to say that as per 2017 PrimeKey is certified according to ISO-27 001, 14 001 and 9 001. Just like our customers and partners, we take security, quality and the environment very seriously. That is why we decided to certify PrimeKey accordin...
Keeping up with standards
Blog post

Don’t get run over by quickly changing PKI standards

As cybersecurity gets more complex and the threat landscape evolves, PKI is there as always as one of the underpinnings of a robust security infrastructure. As technology evolves faster, so does the PKI, and your teams that are responsible for operation...
CAA check
EJBCA Enterprise

CAA checks now available in EJBCA Enterprise

In March 2017 The CABForum voted to make it mandatory for CA's to perform CAA checks before issuing certificates. This new regulation goes active in a few days, on September 8. A CAA, Certificate Authority Authentication, allows the end client to restri...
Berns Salonger

David Hook to PrimeKey Tech Days

We are very happy to announce the first official speaker for PrimeKey Tech Days! It is none other than Mr. Bouncy Castle himself; David Hook. As a founder of Bouncy Castle, David Hook is a prominent person within open source security and we are very pro...
Customer story
EJBCA Enterprise
IoT & IIoT security

Dimension Data ensuring secure mobile communication for the German people

Dimension Data was approached by one of the country’s largest telecom providers, wanting to implement a PKI solution. Knowing that Service Providers often benefit from Open Source solutions, Dimension Data turned to PrimeKey. Here they found a PKI solut...

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